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Labels Divide

How do you define yourself? Are you finding your normal labels are viewed as offensive to others? Are you more careful now - about how you describe yourself and other people?

In today's society, we're being taught that words and labels divide. That's not entirely true. It is true in psychology theory: labels divide. It's not true about our entire human society.

I remember the days when meeting someone different - background, belief, culture - was exciting. A chance to learn from each other. Ask questions. Listen to their answers. Understand. Walk in their shoes as they tell their stories, beliefs, backgrounds and how/why they believe as they do. We learn more from our differences than our similarities. Because we're all part of ONE race: the human race. And our human tapestry (akasha) is beautiful! Because of our different soul traits, personalities, beliefs.

Belittling or erasing our differences is counter-productive to the human race. Be proud of your differences! Accept others' differences. Talk to each other! Understand each other better.

Our differences and the labels we choose to define ourselves - aren't a fence dividing us. Our differences expand our human consciousness. When we ask questions and begin the process of true understanding. We learn to accept and respect everyone more deeply. This leads to true empathy, compassion, understanding: our true soul essence! Respecting our differences leads to a stronger Spiritual Connection. We're all different and all ONE.

In psychology and sociology theory, labels do divide. It's the ultimate intent: to divide and define. Like politics divides and conquers. This is counter-productive to human society and our heart intelligence.

The very disciplines that study our human-ness (psyche & sociology), repeatedly act against it. Labels like trauma survivor, narcissist, empath, masculine, feminine, Oedipus Complex, codependent. These labels scare or divide us. Subliminally messaging: "Don't be these things. We'll correct these conditions in you. To make you whole again. You're not whole yet." BS.

Truth. All of us will exhibit at least 3 psychology labels-theories in our lifetimes. We're human! We're constantly living, changing, adapting and evolving. I don't understand why these fields create theories to make us feel "less than", unworthy, or divide us. Maybe it's their job security.

Psychology and sociology were created to assist the human race. Not dismantle it. Their labels, theories and "help" often harms humanity more than heals it. Be You! Imperfect and beautiful. Striving for perfection, or psychologists' perceptions of "perfection", moves you into your mind, not your heart.

Each of us has "heart intelligence". It's scientifically proven. Our hearts have a separate brain than our minds. In essence, we have two brains. These two intelligences help us live life fully and experience Earth in all its layers. Check out this video from Gregg Braden explaining heart intelligence.

Some labels divide. Most don't. Use labels to describe yourself - without fearing you'll offend someone. Whomever you "offend" is not standing in their uniqueness and not accepting their true natures.

Stand up for who you are, what you are, your beliefs, opinions. True Diversity exists when we welcome our differences, learn and understand them, instead of fearing them.

The human race is a wonderful, complex, beautiful tapestry woven by our unique souls and individuality (akasha). Without your unique soul "thread" color and texture, Earth would be totally boring. When we stop being inquisitive, asking questions and learning about someone different than us, we totally miss the richness of our Earth experience. Does a bland, robotic, artificially intelligent existence sound appealing? It doesn't to me.

Be you. Be unique. Stand tall in who you are. Even if some people don't like you or the labels that describe you. Human sovereignty is important. Your sacred vow to your soul this lifetime: be yourself. Who cares what other people think. There's only ONE you - in this human race.

If you aren't being fully you, the human race tapestry isn't full, vibrant, sparkling and complete. You're a sparkle. Don't hide your Light. Don't be invisible.

Tomorrow, you'll learn more about Life's Mysteries in my next blog post.

Namaste -

Robin, Your Sedona Spirit Psychic

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