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Light Workers

Angels woke me up this morning at 3:30a, asking me to cover this topic. This word, like many others, is over-used nowadays.

Trend last 10 years: anyone trained on non-traditional or energy skills is now considered a Light Worker. Or they consider themselves "Light Workers." Skills such as Reiki, Massage, Psychic-Channeling, Acupuncture, Herbal remedies, or Emotional-Mental Therapies like cranial-sacral work, chakra cleansing, etc.

While those skills require a person's "inner light" to shine through as they help others, packing everyone who uses these skills - into a box called "Light Workers" is not useful nor true.

Original term "Light Worker" defines individuals with a true soul purpose to bring "light" consciousness to our world - much like Jesus and other prophets. True Light Workers have clear, direct, divine connections to God, Heaven, Angel and "Lighter" realms than Earth. They're spiritual leaders and "Angels on Earth". They have similar traits as Angels yet they're in physical bodies. Society may not view them as spiritual leaders. Many True Light Workers prefer anonymity. They get more work done behind the scenes; not on the public stage. Like Angels.

True Light Workers help strengthen our connection to our soul, our inner wisdom, the Divine (God, Heaven, Angels, etc) and rekindle our faith and trust in God (Higher Power), ourselves, and our unique life plans. They shed "light" on the world within and around us in a very transparent way. True Light Workers do all these things - simultaneously. Much like Angels do.

True Light Workers express themselves gently or bluntly. They bring us clarity and understanding in an honest way. They help us see our individual soul plans on Earth (our soul blueprint or Akashic Records), Earth's big plan and Earth's current plan. Some true Light Workers also "keep time"; reminding us how we're doing as individuals, as a society and humanity at large.

True Light Workers also protect us from harm, even if we don't "see" harm coming. They see things before we do. Because it's part of their plan (job): to warn, protect and nurture us as we move through Earth challenges. Much like Angels do.

Some True Light Workers do all this on a global scale. Others do this on an individual person-to-person or group-to-group basis.

Each True Light Worker has his/her own unique "plan." How they bring "Light" to humanity (thru career, volunteer work, or in personal life). Where they bring "Light" (places, regions, individuals or groups). In WHAT WAY they bring "Light": non-traditional energy healing, traditional professions, creative professions (theatre, arts, music, movies, TV, etc) and even politics. Yes, some politicians in US and abroad ARE True Light Workers. Unbelievable, isn't it?

True Light Workers have immense courage. They're not afraid to speak the truth - even if it offends some people. They're not afraid of ruffling feathers. They have very few fears. When fear overcomes them, they plow through it.

True Light Workers know their soul/sole purpose on the planet. Nothing, no obstacle nor person, deters them from carrying out their "tasks." They're role models for the rest of us - showing us what real bravery truly means.

One other trait they possess. They decide when they leave the planet. They choose how and when, consciously. That's how connected they are to The Light Realm.

There are more True Light Workers on the planet right now than last 150+ years. There are also more people who claim to be Light Workers when they're not. I belong to many networking groups using term "Light Workers." On social media and physical networks. Some members are True Light Workers. Some are not. It doesn't make non-Light Workers bad or wrong for joining these groups. It just is. Many members aspire to be True Light Workers. Some will make it. Some will not. Neither outcome is wrong or right. It's all part of our process as soul beings on this planet.

True Light Workers don't judge. They allow everyone the freedom to be themselves. At the same time, true Light Workers practice and respect strong boundaries. They know the importance of life-work balance and strong boundaries - to help them facilitate their Earth Work.

True Light Workers are not addicted to drugs nor alcohol. They keep their bodies clean; knowing their physical health is an important component to their "soul plan."

True Light Workers developed their skills in the Angelic Ethereal Realms before incarnating on Earth. Sometimes they take classes or attend seminars on Earth to "remember" who they are and their God-given talents.

True Light Workers exhibit courage and acknowledge the truth of Good vs Evil. Duality of good and bad exists on Earth and Heaven-Angelic-multiverse Realms too. True Light Workers know this. Truth is their guide - not political correctness nor sugar-coating the truth to help people swallow it.

True Light Workers speak the truth - often. They might cuss (curse) or swear while doing it. It's really funny. True Light Workers I've met ENJOY cussing! Like most people enjoy a beer or wine after work, or Taco Tuesdays. Listening to a true Light Worker cuss like a sailor is hilarious. Imagine an Angel using the "f" word every 3rd sentence. Funny, right?

Why are more True Light Workers on Earth right now? To help us fight the "Good vs Evil" war on Earth. Especially since 2012 when the "war in the heavens" busted through Earth's sphere of consciousness. Slowly brewing on Earth last 300+ years, the war is now a full offensive; very apparent to ALL of us on a soul level.

Mother Earth cycles. Humanity cycles. For eons. Humanity experienced other times when the "good-evil" war hit Earth. Examples: The Dark Ages; The fall of Rome; the Destruction of The Mayan; Days of Moses; Destruction of the Egyptian Pharaoh Empire and older times before and after the Jurassic-Dinosaur period.

Today's global wars, global genocide, global government chaos, high global suicide, mass shootings, terrorist crimes and overdose rates - symptoms of Good v. Evil war on different battlegrounds.

More details about the Good v. Evil War on Earth will be revealed in the next Blog post (Friday, December 13). Don't want you hanging by a thread too long! If you're a Christian, you'll be pleased to know: Jesus Christ has returned to Earth. He returned a few years ago. He's playing it cool, incognito. As are other ancient prophets, who descended to Earth recently.

Hopefully this post helps you discern, know or "see" a True Light Worker when you meet one. I've met several. They're amazing! True Angels on Earth. You can see and feel their Light just standing next to them. Being around them makes you smile from ear-to-ear, for no reason. Like being around newborn babies or a famous person.

My Angels asked me to describe True Light Workers. Truth is - they're wonderful & indescribable. When you meet one, you just "know." Your soul and Inner Light glows and "lights up" like a Christmas Tree. You feel it naturally.


Robin Amanda - The Sedona Spirit Psychic

Artwork by Nina Joy Rizzo - NJoy Fractal Designs

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