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My Sedona

Sedona has changed. A lot. It is not the serene, calming, Spiritual Mecca it once was. Chaotic, negative forces envelop its energies now.

People are less friendly, more irritated and angry: locals and tourists. Locals argue with each other. "Me me me" mentalities. Caught some tourists fighting over a parking space at a trailhead. Tourists and locals disrespect our local workforce at restaurants, gas stations, etc. None of this happened before.

Traffic and noise permeate everywhere: on main roads, side roads, back-roads, trailheads, trails, neighborhoods, grocery stores and restaurants. ATV and Jeep rentals' footprint destroy our delicate ecosystem: killing trees, vegetation and the silence of nature. The US Forest Service, Sedona Chamber and the City are aware. Nothing done yet.

The crime rate escalates as more people visit, move, or buy multiple homes on this sacred land - since the Covid Migration. Nefarious, sometimes illegal, activities occur in back-country areas.

Far different than the 2009 Sedona when I moved here. Back then, I discovered a small group who "cleared" Sedona's energies once a month. Keeping the high vibration of this land. I joined them 2010-2016. For 7 years, we walked the lands and trails, clearing energetic residue left from "releasing ceremonies." Keeping Sedona sacred, pure and vibrating high. It was an easy job. Now it's not. Too much damage done too often.

Sadly, Sedona has grown into an energetic, spiritual landfill - too dense to clean. Sad to see, sense and feel. Some pockets of Sedona still resonate with powerful, positive clear energy. Too few to mention.

The Sedona I love and helped protect. Gone but not forgotten. Here she is.

Quiet, red dirt trails glistening with tiny limestone crystals caught by the day's sun - as you hike up tall red rock spires with expansive vistas, almost touching the sky. With each step and deep breath, you feel connected with God, The Universe, Mother Earth. Your feet rooted in Earth. Your heart and soul rising and open to God, The Universe, Great Mystery and its limitless abundance.

Meditating or manifesting surrounded by the silence of nature: atop a red rock or while hiking. No one intruding your space or serenity. Quieting your mind, opening your soul's door, connecting to "all that is" instantly. No drugs or spiritual apparatus necessary (crystals, pendulums, sage smudge). Just you. And everything else. Expanse of the entire world surrounding you.

Listening to the wind caress the trees. The only sound you hear. You're one with nature. And all that is. No interruptions. No distractions. No one else around. Where you sit: your ultimate Peace Place. Feels like the world stopped. You find your Zen. Even your dog sits still amid the wonder of it all.

Sedona Synchronicity: Matching your peace or desire with the perfect life experience within 24 hours or less. Hungry for Mexican food? Sedona's best southwest Mexican restaurant has a table waiting for you. Though usually a 2-hour wait. Looking for that special Vortex experience? Massage? Energy Healer? Perfect crystal? Or best live music? You find it at the first place you stop. That's Sedona Synchronicity.

Feeling humble and powerful simultaneously. Honoring the beauty around you. Appreciating who you are, where you are, and God's infinite abundance and treasures.

Stopping at the grocery store or restaurant, smiling faces abound. Smiling, patient shoppers and service staff. An easy, peaceful feeling wherever you go - whomever you meet.

Sedona Mayberry RFD, I often called it. We didn't lock our doors - cars or homes. No crime threatened us. We knew and respected our neighbors. We took walks day and night. Dark Sky town: only need a flashlight to light your path. No street lamps blocking starry skies. Now? You have to walk far from the town's glaring lights for starry skies.

From 2009 through 2019. No fear. No chaos. No heavy traffic. No noise. No police or fire sirens - as you hear nowadays. You could hear javelina, rabbit, mule deer, coyote walking around your property or street. Before the coyote howled or javelina grunted.

People got along - regardless their various backgrounds or beliefs. Mutual respect happened often. Personal conflicts were rare. We were a true community. Helping each other, acknowledging each other, respecting one another. Pure bliss.

My Sedona. I'm so very grateful for those memories and experiences. Grateful for living there - during its awesome splendor.

Blessed by the good people I met who became friends. Blessed by the clients I met and worked with. Most whom I still work with today. Blessed by the peaceful and joyful Sedona memories.

I hadn't felt real joy and peace until I moved to Sedona in March 2009. Forever grateful for that. That joy and peace no longer exist within her boundaries. You may find a few pockets of peace. From 2009-2019, peace was found almost everywhere.

Energies shift and change. Physics reality in our physical world. Times change. After 13 years, I found a new Mayberry: Pine, Arizona. Surrounded by the beautiful, magical majesty of America's largest Ponderosa Pine Forest: The Tonto. My channeling and spiritual gifts soar here. Life is peaceful, solid and good.

If you're looking for an authentic Psychic-Medium, fully planted on Earth while connected to Sky, God and Angel energies - I'm just a click or phone call away!

Wishing you the very best in life - as You Walk Your Sacred Path.

-- Robin Amanda, Your Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium (A Relocated "Sedona Spirit")

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