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New Moons

New Moon today in Pisces. I'm not an astrologer. Chances are, neither are you! But most of us are very familiar with Moon patterns and how they affect us.

After speaking with several Native American Indian tribal members and astrology experts last 11 years, general consensus is:

New Moons bring us renewed creative energy. It's a time to "plant seeds" not harvest our crop. In Full Moons, we harvest what we created. In New Moons, we plant seeds for our future.

New Moons give us space to pause, reflect and begin again - with wisdom from past experiences. It's a time for introspection, looking within ourselves, reviewing what we want and don't want. Then creating new or manifesting what we DO want!

During New Moons, invest or hold. During Full Moons, release or let go.


You might encounter individuals or groups who treat Moon Cycles differently. They might believe New Moons "release" and Full Moons "invest". It's actually the opposite. Our ancestors and current farmers remind us how to use Moon cycles. Invest (in your life) during New Moons. Release (in your life) during Full Moons.

Best practice during New Moons? Write down a few things (3 or 4) you want in your life. Things, experiences, people you have and want more of. And things you don't have and want. That's using New Moon energy wisely.

New Moons are active. They remind us "all things are possible." Full Moons are receptive. They remind us "a bountiful harvest awaits."

Hope you enjoy today's Moon Phase!

Namaste -

The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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