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Rocks and crystals keep the records of Earth, societies and our lives. They hold our energies & history: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This is one main reason why 7 million people visit Sedona's Red Rock Country every year - from across the globe.

We feel at home around rocks. They're our soul, heart and physical libraries. Just ask any geologist!

Many Sedona visitors feel healed by our red rocks. Sedona resonates our human connection to rocks, the libraries of our past, more than vortex energy.

Native Indian tribes call rocks "Stone People." Some tribes call Sedona "Palatki" or "Red House." Sedona's big red rocks resonate energy.

Native Americans, ancient civilizations and primitive tribes (eg. Dogma & Aborigine) believe everything channels. They believe every part of Earth communicates with us. Rocks, trees (Standing People), bushes, grass, the air we breathe, the water we soak in.

As a psychic-channel, I believe the same. Everything around us channels, communicates with us. Even that IKEA table you built from a box communicates with you! Every molecule, atom on Earth vibrates and communicates.

Back to rocks. Rocks, crystals, even petrified wood store human and Earth information. When you resonate or "fall in love" with a crystal or rock, it's because that rock or crystal has a message for you.

Sedona's rock energy is different than other lands that have mountains and big rocks (eg Santa Fe, NM).

Why? Sedona's human history (dating back 5,000+ years) has the least amount of human warfare, bloodshed and savagery than other places on the planet. Its historic energy is cleaner.

Many people consider New Mexico "The Land of Enchantment." Interesting. New Mexico has experienced tumultuous amounts of bloodshed, warfare, battles over the last 1500 years. Even more than the American East Coast. Energetic residue from previous human cruelty still exists on New Mexico's land.

I visited all parts of New Mexico this past summer. The "cleanest" area in New Mexico I found: Ruidoso. The most energetically dense: Santa Fe, followed by Silver City-Deming. New Mexican rocks, mountains, roads and lands still hold energies from its tragic, violent past. Pueblos and some New Mexican natives still hold tragic past energy also - unconsciously and super-consciously.

Sedona's known as an international healing place, a "Power Place", since first discovered over 5,000 years ago by a Grand Canyon tribe (related to Anasazi).

During the days of the Sinagua, the main tribe who called Sedona home, other tribes visited Sedona to confer and learn from one another. I call their annual pow-wows "G-7 Summits." Seven main tribes held their conferences here. If they normally battled each other, they laid down their arms during annual Summit.

Sedona's Big Red Rocks are sacred. Her history is pure. Her energy is clean. She's a wondrous library of rocks - representing the Good in Humanity. Every person and animal visiting, or living in, Sedona senses that.

The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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