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Shields Up!

Chaos sweeping our nation is caused by heavy negative energies and entities flooding Earth like a tidal wave. Hate, anger, division are result of these energies.

Today's media & political news cycles are consumed with these negative energies & entities. Whether they are willing participants or innocent victims.

Riots, violent protests, destruction, increase in violent crimes, lack of moral values: result of negative entities and energies floating around us. Same negative energies that toppled ancient civilizations. Sweeping across US and other nations from East to West across the globe.

Political climate and its false information - whether on social media, local or national media - contributes to these negative energies and entities. Fueling our souls, minds, hearts with fear, division, anger, rage and violence.

Negative energies have become the "norm" in our society. You see it every day on news programs. Eroding unity, individuality and self-empowerment. Eroding your soul's pure Light essence. Slicing into your soul's intuition.

I have never sensed the depth and girth of spiritual negativity surrounding our planet, our nation, individual communities - until this past August. Attended a local Kirtan concert where chanting took place. The chants "summoned" negative energies although the chants were positive in nature.

Since these energies surround us, infiltrating our souls, hearts, minds - it's important that you shield yourself and your "aura" daily. How? Pray to God, The Universe and Angels. Not out of fear. From an empowered and nurturing state. Ask them for divine assistance and help. Ask them to help you "shield" your soul and heart from these nefarious energies and entities. Daily. Or twice a day.

You must shield from these energies. When you do that, you'll see things more clearly. Your intuition and soul voice will begin speaking to you again. You will not live in fear. Whether it's fear of Covid, President Trump or BLM-Antifa anarchists tearing up your town and way of life.

The Angelic Realm asks you to ask them for help. If you pray regularly, pray twice as much. If you meditate regularly, do so to quiet your mind. Do not meditate to receive information. Sometimes negative energies seep into a person's consciousness during meditation. Shield before you meditate and relax/empty your mind. Shield when you wake up and before bed.

Shielding can be as simple as visualizing a protective bubble around you. Or asking your Angels and God to "please protect me with a bubble of Light." It can be as simple as not watching news. Or refusing to supply negative energies with more negativity, fear, division, hate and anger.

Whatever method feels right to you, please do it. From today through mid-January. Your life, the lives of others and your way of life depends on it. Soul courage is required. Courage to ask for Divine Help. Ask and you shall receive. Believe and have faith you will be protected after you ask for it.

During these strange days, Divine Assistance is necessary to calm the chaos. Around you and within you. The chaos is about to get much worse. Ask for "shielding" assistance now. And ever day through mid-January. It is your best defense against Darkness that covers our planet right now.

If you're a novice to the Spiritual Realms, this is not the time to dive into those realms. Negative energies-entities are likely to attach or surround you. Call in your direct Angelic Guides and/or God. They have been with you since the day you were born. They exist just outside your aura or energy field. They are close to you right now. Ask for their help. Have faith they're listening.

May God's Peace and Angelic Light surround you during this time.

-- The Sedona Spirit Psychic, Robin Amanda

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