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Showing Up

The Holiday Season is a wonderful time to remember and practice "showing up." Parties, family gatherings, gift-giving, visiting people you care about. The responsibility of creating meaningful, joyful memories can create stress.

As a spiritual soul in a human body, you want to spread joy and happiness wherever you go, to whomever you meet. Sometimes that's unachievable when you don't "feel it." Being your authentic self AND spreading joy don't always align. Hopefully today's blog will help you with that.

Writer, producer, director Woody Allen once said "80% of success (life) is showing up." I'm old enough to remember when and why he said it. An interviewer asked him "what's the key to your success?" He answered "same as in life. Showing up." Then he restated: "80% of success is showing up. The other 20% is HOW you show up."

No matter how you feel during this Christmas Holiday Season, Woody's advice is solid: Just Show Up. If your casserole or Pot Luck Dish/Pie isn't perfect, take it to the party or family dinner anyway. If you're sad or depressed, and want to be alone instead of attending that dinner, party or get-together: Show Up anyway. Stay for an hour. Then leave. No matter how you feel this holiday season, show up anyway.

We tend to show up for others more often - with greater passion - than we show up for ourselves. We like helping other people: warms our heart; soothes our soul. Makes us feel good - making a difference in someone's life. Especially when we know what type of help someone wants/needs.

Asking someone what he/she wants or needs - that's the first step in helping others. Asking "what do you want for Christmas?" And wanting the tiniest details (eg. photos, weblinks or serial numbers) so you get exactly what they want. This is what we do during Christmas. It comes natural. Making others feel good, loved, cherished, happy and heard (through gift-giving): that's part of your soul makeup. And what makes Christmastime so very magical and special.

Christmas is a magical time because we practice the process of showing up for others. It's not the gift. It's the process of asking someone "What do you want? What will make you happy? How can I help you feel loved? Please give me details so I fill your need/want properly (eg. specific dimensions, label, serial number, size, etc.).

Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries - are magical and special because: We ask people what they want (to the tiniest detail). We give them what they want. They feel happy, good and appreciated - and we feel good for bringing them joy and happiness. Win-Win Heart and soul joys. For you and that person.

Do you give/help others in the same "Christmas" way - with your nontangible heart-soul gifts? During other times of the year? Asking someone you love: "What do you want? How do you want it? Please be specific - so I can fill your need/want. Helping you feel happy today."

Spreading joy and happiness: your soul's favorite job. That's why "showing up" is so important. Whether this time of year - or any time. As a spiritual soul in a physically-limiting human body, living on physics-limiting Earth, with a physical and often limiting brain, it's important to ask people you love "What do you want? What will make you happy today? Please be specific." That's how we spread joy-happiness as souls on Earth. It's not codependency. It's your soul's natural essence.

What if you're not feeling the "giving spirit"? It means your heart or soul is exhausted. Either from giving too much to unappreciative people; or exhausted from extreme stress like money issues, grieving people you lost, or society-media chaos. You're simply exhausted. What do you do then? Especially during holidays and celebrations? You sit back and receive - graciously. You show up. And allow others to give to you. Give them the chance to "show up" for you. Open your heart to receiving. Truly feel the gift of receiving love and attention. Be present as people give to you. Within an hour, you'll feel recharged again. Back in the Holiday "giving" Spirit.

I've worked with homicide survivors who just lost someone they love to murder or an accident or a drunk driver. Properly showing up for them: simply "being there." Sitting next to them without talking. Holding their hand. Offering your shoulder to cry on. Just sitting next to them. Letting them "be" whatever they're feeling, without an agenda, without words. Even if you're a stranger. There's great solace in that. Another way to "show up" - with your heart and soul. If you know anyone grieving this year, visit them. And just "be" with them.

Showing Up - For You. When you need/want something and someone asks "what do you need/want?", do you know? In finite detail - like a Christmas gift? If you help others - more often than you help yourself - the answer is probably "no". Not knowing what you want - &/or not knowing how to express what you want - creates inner conflict. Shutting down your natural human expressive-gene. This often causes disconnects between you and those you love.

How do you fix that? Especially this time of year? Be yourself. Your Authentic self. Feel what you feel. Speak your truth. Let people give to you - equally as you give them. This time of year: Time of Giving. Remember the opposite is also true: Time of Receiving. Allow people to give to you - and graciously receive - so they feel good. Giving and receiving are the same energies.

Remember this. When you can't express your needs/wants, and "how" you'd like those needs/wants given - you block your Loved Ones from the joy of giving - to you. You block their soul desire to bring you joy and happiness. You block them from "showing up" for you. You block your soul's desire for true intimacy with others. This is the main reason for failed relationships. An imbalance of soul and heart energies: created by lack of communicating your needs/wants. You're not allowing the other person to "give" - as his/her soul desires. This can destroy your most cherished relationships.

It's easier to show up for others - than show up for ourselves. When we need/want something, expressing it can feel hard or selfish. Do it anyway. When you express your wants/desires, you give the other person an opportunity to "show up". When you allow them to "show up" for you, you give them a "feel good" feeling. This strengthens your intimacy bond.

Without expressing your wants/needs to another person - you unknowingly block your soul destiny and theirs.

Something to remember while enjoying your Holiday experiences and creating good memories. Receiving is just as important as giving. Express yourself. Express your wants/needs - if you need/want anything. Don't hide your Light. Don't block others from shining their Light on you.

Merry Christmas. May this message bring you joy, happiness, awareness and spiritual balance during this Holy time of year.

Namaste -

Robin Amanda, Your Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium

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