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Society Disconnected

So much dis-Unity and separation between people this year.

Local and state Covid lockdowns separated us from those we love and things we love doing.

City and state bans disconnected us from: physically visiting friends and family; attending funerals, weddings and large gatherings; separated us from practicing our faith at churches and synagogues; going to our businesses or workplaces; walking outdoors; going to the gym; retail therapy at physical stores and salons; decreased our earnings.

People with cancer and other chronic disease were forced to disconnect from their regular chemo treatments, necessary surgeries, organ transplants and other health remedies. Hospitals needed beds for Covid patients that rarely came.

Local government-mandated forced isolation separated us from our normal lives: out of fear from catching a virus with a 98-99% recovery rate.

Chaos and riots separated people from their homes, businesses and sense of safety. Violent crime rose 40-80% through every major city across the United States this year. Riots, chaos, anarchy on city streets elevate anxiety and fears. Whether you're in that city or watching from afar (news reports).

Fear separates us from our soul essence. Because our souls know no fear. When we fear, or act out of fear, we naturally separate from our soul.

This election year separates us philosophically: Vote Red or Blue? That answer depends where you get your information and news. Where you get your information: another source of separation from others.

Masks separate us too. Some people wear them; others don't. Some Americans are forced to wear them - while their rational mind and soul scream out "this is not necessary!" Separating those people from their values and knowledge.

While shopping at grocery stores, retailers, restaurants this year, I witnessed those who wear masks fighting with those who don't wear masks. Maybe you've witnessed same.

To say this year is filled with High Anxiety: an understatement. The Spirit-Angel Realm, God and all positive energies hovering around you know what you've felt this year. They know you and watch you as you navigate through rough waters. This year and other years.

Feeling disconnected or disillusioned is a normal reaction to outside forces that manipulate or strip you of your basic human needs. Your need for safety, security, normalcy, lifestyle routine, liberty, freedom, independence. Your soul and human need to feel empowered versus imprisoned. Your need to feel free to make your own choices. Choices and decisions that align with your soul destiny and your soul's natural essence.

Fear separates us from our soul essence. When we're disconnected from our soul essence, we feel lost and disconnected from our inner "self"; our inner soul. This disconnect naturally leads to disconnecting from others: emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually.

When we feel disconnected from our individual soul, it's more difficult to connect with people around us.

Our souls do not live in fear. Our individual souls know NO fear. Our individual souls only know expansion, growth, abundance and courage. When we're afraid, we naturally question our beliefs and soul strength.

Questions you might be asking. "How do we unify or create unity under these conditions? Once the election is over, what will happen? Will I reunite with others again? Is it possible to reunite with friends or family who vote differently than me? Will Americans find common ground and unity again?"

According to the Spirit-Angel Realm, most answers are up to you. This year is a test of your faith and beliefs. Allow your pure soul essence to see through the chaos and disconnects. Sit still, sit in silence and listen to your intuition and your soul voice. Remember who you are. Raise your vibration. Focus on positive outcomes you'd like to see.

Let your soul strength shine through and outward. Faith. Authenticity. Truth. Your truth. Your soul truth. Be patient with others around you.

Although 2020 challenged most of us, those challenges came with opportunities for growth and "charting your own course". Earth life and soul life have same qualities: balance. Both sides of coin, positive and negative, exist in same experience. Opportunities exist within challenges. Searching for the growth opportunities inside the challenges: that's the 2020 test of balance.

We live in a social society on Earth. Wanting unity and positive energy to float around and within us are natural human tendencies. What's the best way to bring unity and positive consciousness into your life? Envision it. If you can "see" it, it is possible. If you can "feel" it, it is probable. If you can "send" it (pray, manifest, meditate with that vision), it will happen.

This year tests our faith and beliefs. Strengthen your faith. Your faith in God, Spirit-Angel Realm and your own soul wisdom and desires. Remove beliefs that hurt you or make you feel separated and disconnected. Remove the blocks. Swat your fears.

You're reading this blog, which means you survived the worst parts of 2020. Whether you survived it living in fear or faith: that was/is your individual choice.

How can you reconnect to who you are? Looking back on 2020, ask yourself "was the worry and fear equal to the result? Did worrying help or hurt me? Was my fear justified? Am I physically healthy today - or am I less healthy than January 2020? How did I survive these last 9 months?"

Chances are, when you ask those questions, you'll see the answer. And your faith in your unique soul, God and Angels will be restored. That's how you reconnect to you again. When you reconnect to you, you'll easily reconnect with other people who are important to you.

If other people in your life still live in fear, teach them what you learned from 2020. Once your Soul Light is strong again, share it. Pay it forward. Describe your epiphany. Describe your process. Or simply shine your Soul Light on them. ------------------------------

These were the words of Highly Evolved Angelic souls. Their wisdom and guidance for you. You're stronger than you realize. You're capable of much more than you imagine. And you're meant to be on the planet at this time. Angelic Truth. And so it is: whether you believe it or not. A-Ho.

Rejoice and celebrate your life. Celebrate your soul endurance and ability to thrive, not just survive. Celebrate and rejoice you. Let that positive energy swirl inside you. As your Angels love you, love yourself. That's the essence of Soul Enlightenment.

Namaste -

Your Sedona Spirit Medium - Robin Amanda

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