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Take time to be still. This is how you process world events and personal experiences. When you practice the Art of Stillness, your soul, heart, body and mind become One. Naturally. When you practice Stillness, you slip into the sacred, safe silence of your soul. Your soul opens as you close the door to external events and experiences.

Stillness allows your soul to breathe. Stillness saturates your heart with inner peace. Stillness slows your heartbeat and blood pressure. Stillness deflates anxiety. Stillness turns off your mind.

Some people practice meditation to learn stillness. Some feel anxious about meditating - and cannot achieve the stillness they desperately seek. What's the lesson there? Don't feel desperate. Know you CAN achieve stillness.

Stillness suppresses and deflates anxiety. Better than any drug on the market. And it already lives within you! This blog, like others, simply reminds you: the peace, wisdom and understanding you seek lives within you. Align with your soul. Allow your soul to breathe, and you're 75% there. Stillness is the best way to align with your soul.

Stillness is a necessity for my "craft." Before I meet with a client, I set aside time to "be still." It grounds and inspires me. Grounds my body to Earth. Inspires my superconscious to soar. Like a marathon runner stretching before the race. Keeps my channel clear and clean; free of debris. Normally takes about 30 seconds of "stillness", then I'm ready for the next client. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes.

National and international traumas affect everyone. They affect your heart-soul-mind-body. Whether you're aware or not. Every major trauma broadcast on the news or social media - affects you. Even if you live far from the event.

The Nashville School Shooting compelled me to blog about Stillness today. As you're probably aware, murders and violent crime hit home with me. As a double-homicide survivor, I cringe every time a news headline highlights a mass shooting, murder or someone killed. My parents and I spent the first 10 years in a fog after our family tragedy. I know the hell that the homicide survivors will walk. I lived it. And I watched my parents live it. It's the worst pain imaginable. A complex grief.

Though our family tragedy happened 35 years ago, I remember all of it - as it was yesterday. All ten years of "fog life" flash before me. Then I remember 9/11. Thirteen years after our family tragedy. How ill-equipped we were as a society - to grieve properly and together. How complicated grief can be: as an individual close to the deceased; someone from the outside looking in; a nation in fear; a world in shock. The multiple layers of grief, shock, anger that every single person on Earth felt that day: September 11, 2001.

Whenever a mass shooting occurs, I feel compelled to help heal society. When the 2011 Tucson Shooting happened, I drove to Tucson the next day. Helping the organization "Homicide Survivors, Inc." in whatever way they needed. I was a crime victim advocate and grief counselor in the 1990s. Some skills you never forget.

Present day. Another mass shooting - at a school. Wish those words were unnecessary and foreign to us: "another mass school shooting." But they're not.

How do you process such a horror? It took US society about 5 years to heal from the Columbine High School shooting. Now school shootings seem common place. How do we process it? While staying sensitive, soulful and safe? If our kids aren't safe at school, is anyone safe? What are we teaching our children? To live in constant fear and anxiety? How can we help them, if we're stressed or anxious? Our younger generations are surrounded by fear, anxiety with scant knowledge of peace - since September 11, 2001. How can we cure that?

American Society is in a constant state of anxiety. Drugs aren't the answer. Your Soul is. Drugs disconnect you from your soul. Whether prescribed or street-drugs. What's best way to relieve anxiety?

Acknowledge that you're anxious. Don't numb it with drugs, alcohol or food. Anxiety is our natural human response to "something isn't right." If you numb your anxiety, you numb your intuition and your soul connection. Your soul lives your life on auto-pilot. You're barely "here."

Art of Stillness is similar to Art of Listening and Art of "Being There." When we listen more than talk, we learn more without much effort. When we practice "Being There" for someone, it means we're sharing our heart with someone we care about as they endure a heavy burden or hardship. We're physically "there" for them without saying a word. Allowing them to process their situation.

In both instances, we practice the Art of Stillness. It's one of our greatest gifts. We're all born with it. Being Still. We just forgot it's a skill! We forget it exists! And it's so easy.

There's a reason why silence and sitting still are part of memorials, funerals and wakes. Sitting still in silence allows us to process extreme loss. Allows our soul to open - helping us make sense of senseless things. Being still in silence turns off our brain. And turns on our heart. Then our soul can breathe its wisdom on our hearts, minds, bodies. Without Stillness, we stay broken. Without Stillness, we feel separated from our soul and soul-source. Without Stillness, outside stimuli confuses us. We sleepwalk through life.

The Art of Stillness is a skill you possess that helps your soul walk through Earth and rise above any trauma.

Many people seek spiritual enlightenment on Earth. You cannot achieve enlightenment without Stillness. Stillness is a crucial step toward enlightenment.

In my professional opinion, all the social media chatter, constant news broadcasts and endless division: exist intentionally to distract and disconnect us from our souls. To de-sensitize us. To create separation between our consciousness and soul. To create anxiety and a thirst for avoidance. To hinder our souls from living full lives on Earth.

Earth is a wonderful spiritual experience. If we allow it. Practicing Stillness allows it.

Stillness is the opposite of prayer. Stillness is your sleepy, dreamy state. If you fall asleep when you meditate, Congratulations! You're practicing Stillness! Stillness comes natural. When you use discipline. Setting aside time to do it: either 5 minutes or 10 minutes or 30 seconds.

If you're a mother, Stillness is the same concept you used when giving birth: using a focal point in the room, focused solely on that figure, person or object. And nothing else. Helping relieve your pain and make delivering your baby as quick and painless as possible. Helping you relax. Same with Stillness. Same concept.

Stillness. Have you ever sat somewhere and simply stared at an object: a piece of art, natural landscape, flower, tree, or building? With no concept of time or the world around you? Releasing attachment to everything else around you? If so, you practiced Stillness. I practice Stillness during Sedona red rock hikes. Find a flat rock with a beautiful view. Sit, breathe and turn off my brain. Staring at the big blue sky, or a red rock, a prickly pear cactus or a bee humming around a cactus flower. Simple state of "nothingness" with no real purpose but Stillness.

Once your Stillness experience ends, you'll feel energized and balanced. You'll gain a new understanding of your circumstances, or the reason for your anxiety. You'll feel filled with wisdom to help you heal from trauma - yours or trauma from news reports.

This Earth experience is uniquely yours. Main mission: Use your Soul, its wisdom and guidance, while traversing challenging times. You and your soul are ONE. Stillness helps you strengthen that bond. And it's FREE! Just requires a few minutes of your time - daily.

Wishing you peace, wisdom, courage...

Robin, Your Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium

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