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Tips For An Inspired Life

You are: what you think about. You are: what you believe. You are: who you believe you are. These are Natural and Supernatural Laws.

When you feel disconnected from your true essence - heart & soul - use your body and mind to reconnect.

Your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental "elements" all work together. When one element gets weak, tired or frustrated, use another element to kickstart it. If your emotional "body" is tired: your soul, mind or physical body can jump-start it again - like battery cables.

No matter "why" you feel disconnected from your heart-soul. Or "why" you feel uninspired. Or "why" you feel sad, frustrated, angry or any other negative emotion or belief. The basic truth is - you just want to feel better! Feeling good: your natural soul state.

You want to feel reconnected with your heart & soul. You want to live an Inspired, Elevated Life. You want to feel awake, aware, living in the moment. Trusting the moments. Paying attention. Loving others. Loving yourself. Sharing your Light. Reconnecting with your Inner Magic, heart and soul. Showing the world who you truly are!

Here are proven ways to get you there. These tips helped me through every major life challenge I've had. From homicide-grief after losing my brother and sister in 1988. To romantic losses, losing jobs, money, switching careers, losing friendships and babies. And overcoming Stage 2 Breast Cancer (cured naturally through a nutritionist in mid-90s).

Every major betrayal or loss in my life, these tips reconnected me to my essence. The strength, resilience, inspiration and magic of my essence. I feel confident these tips will help you too!

Our stress levels nowadays can be "off-the-charts"! So much stimuli in today's world. Most is negative. Re-train your brain. Use your body. To overcome feeling overwhelmed.


1. During the first 5 minutes after you wake up. Lay in bed and create or recite a positive mantra or affirmation for The Day. eg. "I will see a miracle today." or "Today is full of promise." or "Today is a very good day. I will pay attention when positive and uplifting moments happen today." Scientific Evidence proves: One positive thought in the morning, during your first 30 minutes, sets the mood for your day. Expectation = Outcome.

2. When your feet hit the floor in the morning, keep repeating that mantra or affirmation. Believe it.

3. The first thing you consume in morning: Glass of water, electrolyte-infused water or lemon-water. When your body wakes up, it needs hydration. Give it what it needs. If you're concerned with cancer, inflammation or auto-immune disorders - drink lemon-water. One full lemon squeezed into a glass of filtered, room-temperature water. Lemon concentrate won't work. Use a real lemon.

4. Within first hour of waking up, stretch or exercise. Move your body around. You're creating endorphins, elevating your mood and boosting your metabolism. Repeat your mantra 1-3 times while moving your body around. Using your body & mind together: Powerful manifesting tool. Expectation = Outcome!

5. Eat breakfast. It is the #1 meal your body needs most. Give it what it needs. Less sugar, more protein. Refuel your body. If you're sad, depressed, can't seem to lose weight, heavy inflammation, or have heart issues - it's likely physiological. From skipping breakfast. Help your body elevate your mood and heal itself. Breakfast: your most important meal.

6. Take supplements or vitamins. Directly after breakfast. Our food supply isn't nutrient-rich as it was in 1800-1970s. In fact, main reason for today's obesity: lack of nutrients in foods you eat. Supplement your diet with high quality vitamins/minerals. A high-quality multi-vitamin keeps the doctor away.

7. Energize your body and mind in the morning. Your heart & soul will follow.

8. One positive thought in the morning can change and elevate your day. Studies prove this - not just my personal study. Think one positive thought. Believe it. Then go about your day.

9. If you wake up at crack of dawn - like me - take a 15-20 minute power nap mid-day. Best recharging method. Or meditate for 10-15 minutes mid-day. Especially if your days are busy and hectic. Better than a Snickers Bar! Settles your mind, body, heart, soul.

10. If you feel doubt during the day, repeat that positive mantra or affirmation. You only need to repeat it once. Whenever you feel self-doubt.


Your body and mind help reconnect your heart and soul. That's why we have those 4 batteries! Body, Mind, Heart, Soul. They all work together; compensating and jumpstarting the other. These tips work. Try them out!

Helping You Reconnect To Your Beautiful Spirit!

-- Your Sedona Spirit Psychic, Robin Amanda

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