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Today's Angel Message - April 2, 2020

Every day for last 20 years, I receive messages from the Angelic Realm. If you follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter - you'll see those messages. Especially last 30-45 days.

Here is today's public message from highly elevated Spiritual Beings - true Angels. About the virus "scare" and what it truly means. Psychic-Channeled Information.

"This is a test of individual's intuition & belief systems. The "scare" is worse than the reality. What you think about, comes about. What you fear, you create.

"Please ask people to stop watching news. Living in fear creates illness. More than virus naturally will.

"This is a test of thought. How one fearful thought created by 1-2 people creates fear in millions. And how easily it happens.

"Leaders & media manipulating with scare tactics. They know truth (no real threat) & hiding it now. Basis: Ego & money.

"Quarantine masks the truth. Individuals' intuition know this. This Virus is less threatening than driving in a car or getting a cold or regular flu. Quarantines mask truth. Individuals sense this. Shattering beliefs-trust in medical field. "Uncovering truths shatters individuals' trust and long-standing beliefs. Unless they hear and heed their intuition. That's the lesson here.

"Our suggestion: Quiet the mind. Listen to intuition. Intuition and soul energy hold no fear. Laugh more. Worry less. Use heart & soul energy. Not the mind. Fear starts in the mind.

"We're working on the details. Every day. Ask people to imagine a better tomorrow. That helps us build it.

"The Power of the Individual is strong right now. That's the gift."


When they speak about medical profession, they're describing medical leaders, researchers & administrators - not individual nurses & doctors. They're describing medical professionals who initiated quarantines and warnings, knowing the information was sketchy at best.

Namaste -

Your Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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