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Trust & Depression

Every day when I "check in" about our society, I "see" people who have died from suicide or drug overdoses during this Covid Quarantine. Resulting from their loneliness, isolation, feelings of mistrust, feelings of worthlessness and financial worries. Long-term depression is #1 cause of suicides.

Depression is heart-centered energy: suppressing who you truly are. Suppressing your emotions, thoughts, desires, heart & soul-based goals. Not feeling safe enough to express yourself fully with people &/or society. So you keep your feelings, thoughts and dreams hidden. You close your heart.

Depression is common in us all. We all experience it. If it becomes a habit, it will restrict your life. Preventing you from experiencing joy, love and intimacy. The good parts of life.

Lots of reasons why people stop expressing themselves to people close to them or society.

Some reasons: PTSD, past experiences of betrayals, desertion (abandonment), domestic violence, physical assault, violent crime, traumas, grief, professional betrayals & emotional-spiritual traumas. Any of these naturally lead to mistrust of people or society.

When you mistrust people or society, you naturally hide who you are. When you continuously hide who you are to people, depression happens.

Root cause of Depression is lack of trust. Trust lives in your Root Chakra, along with survival, safety and family loyalty. What's that mean? If you were betrayed, abandoned or abused by a family member, spouse, romantic partner, best friend, professional colleague - someone you fully trusted and felt safe around - you experienced trauma which led to mistrust and depression.

Mistrust is not limited to one-on-one personal relationships. It can also happen with other parts of life: eg. criminal justice system, financial system, political system or society at large.

Society tells us: "Be happy. You're blessed. If you don't feel happy, something is wrong with you. Just get out there and do it. Don't pull down the 'herd'. Don't wallow. Don't transfer your pain to others. Love is all you need."

That's not reality. People carry pain. Knowing how to accept your pain and walk through it - knowing your reactions are perfectly normal: you need that.

When you trust people with your whole heart and soul, and they betray you, you go into trauma mode: "fight or flight". Sometimes the "fight or flight" mode never goes away. Preventing you from living a fulfilling, joyous life as you're meant to live. You don't feel safe enough or trust them enough to fully express who you are. You miss out on true intimate connections. That deprives your soul desire for intimacy and love. And it becomes a vicious circle that never ends.

Whatever bad experience you had that caused you to mistrust, residual effects are:

Losing trust in yourself, your gifts, your inner strength, your character traits. Losing trust in the life you created. Losing trust in people in your Inner and Outer Circles. Losing trust in your heart. Losing trust and faith in your soul strength and intuition. Losing trust or faith in God or a Higher Power. Not trusting those you love - enough to freely and honestly express yourself with them.

You might feel like "no one knows me." Maybe you don't feel intimate, loving connections with people: friendships, family, romantic partners or even their children.

You may feel unworthy of love or intimacy because you never had it. Or you had it once and it drifted away or abruptly ended; never returning again. That leads to mistrust in life or mistrusting people. You trusted others with your entire heart and soul. Then people crushed it. So now you choose to never love or trust again.

Lack of Trust. Neglect. Abuse. These experiences caused your soul and heart to pop out of your body. If the abuse, neglect or betrayal was severe, you might live years in a body detached from your heart and soul. Walking life's sidewalks disconnected from it all

If any of this describes you or someone you care about, suggestions from Angelic Realm are below.

Tips for Depression & Trauma

  • Work on quieting your mind. Where you completely blank your mind of all thoughts. Practice for 3-5 minutes. Then slowly, each day, add more time to it. Goal: Quieting your mind 10-15 minutes a day. Quieting your mind, removing thoughts, relaxes you. Helping you reconnect to your soul and heart. Quieting your mind helps you "rest".

  • Eat root-based foods once/day: eg. beets, potatoes, carrots, turnips. When your root chakra is traumatized, eating root-based foods helps you "ground" on Earth again. Reconnecting your heart, soul, mind to Earth life.

  • Disengage from your troubles, moving your attention away from your worries. Read a book, listen to music, watch a movie.

  • Journal your thoughts, feelings, worries. Expressing them on paper, releases their energy-hold on you.

  • Exercise your body. Moving your body around releases your angst, anger, suppressed emotions and any negativity or disconnection you feel. Best exercises to release? Contact sports. Dancing, Boxing, Kickboxing, Tennis, Racquetball, Pickleball, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Martial Arts. Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chai are good. More active exercises are better: where you're standing up.

  • Hire professional therapist. Or use Crisis Hotline to physically "talk out" your feelings & thoughts with someone.

  • Make time to do things you enjoyed before your depression hit.

  • Self-Expression through art. Painting, writing, sculpting, pottery, playing music. Express yourself through art. Any artful endeavor moves you closer to your Authentic Soul Self.

  • Remember that some trauma, betrayals and bad experiences are NOBODY'S fault. Every individual carries their own traits, talents and backgrounds. Sometimes conflicts and bad things happen for no particular reason or lesson. Sometimes the lesson is: "Don't look back. Nothing to see here. You did everything right. Move forward with confidence."

  • Accept the role you played with others. Then release it. Release any energy from that personal experience. Release any energy you might be holding that actually belongs to that other person! Know the difference between cause and effect. How do you release the energy? Through your mind &/or physical movement. Your heart and soul will always remember. Your thoughts (mind) keep the pain and memory of trauma and betrayals fresh. Self-doubt, self-punishment can be released or removed by changing the subject every time you think of betrayals or traumas. You're not required to hold or carry trauma-betrayal energies around for rest of your life. It's OK to release it all. Through your mind and body. Releasing those memories and pain move you deeper inside your heart and soul. Where you truly desire to live: using your heart and soul muscles.

Hopefully these Spirit-Angelic Realms suggestions will assist you or someone you know. I am not a licensed therapist. I'm a professional psychic-channel and medium providing information from the Angelic Realm to you. Every life is sacred. We work hard to get planted on Earth. As souls, we spend a long time creating our Earth life. Working with clients who have lost someone to suicide, the suicide soul always regrets what he/she did. Not because they left loved ones behind. Because once they crossed over, they realized how simple the answer to their troubles were. How very simple. How precious being a human being is. And how much effort it took to slide into Earth life before they were born.

Namaste -

The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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