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Unfulfilled Soul Contracts

Soul Contract topics come up often in my client sessions.

Clients ask:

"Do I have a soul contract with XYZ person? If so, is it set in stone that we will both deliver on our agreement? Does it mean the relationship will last forever? Or just temporary? Can I renege on it?"

All excellent questions. Lifelong and short-term soul contracts exist. Not everyone you meet will have a soul contract with you. Click to learn more about Soulmate Conflicts or Soulmates.

Soul contracts are extra special agreements.

Before we're born, we make soul agreements with certain individual souls whom we trust and know. Then we meet them during our Earth life. They help us with our issues. We help them. A soul contract is a win-win agreement. It is precious. Soul contracts help us grow and create more fulfilling, joyful lives. That's its sole purpose.

That person is bound to keep their agreement with you. And you keep yours. Soul contracts exist to strengthen your weaknesses, wake you up, open your heart, remind you to "stop and take U-turn", help you overcome fears, or assist you with other "holes" in your life.

Basically, soul contracts are the quickest way to bounce you into a happier, more fulfilling life on Earth. Soul-contract individuals usually enter your life when you're missing a key piece of your life puzzle. They help you find that puzzle piece or help you fill that "hole".

Individuals who have a soul contract with you are soulmates. They are the essence of a true soulmate. Even if it's a short-term contract you share. They will be your soulmate - for the rest of your lives. Though you may never see them again after the contract is fulfilled.

Half of the soul contract people who cross your path are short-term. The other half are long-term.

Not every person who enters your life is your soulmate.

Is it set in stone that you will both deliver on your soul contract? 80% of the time. Not always. Why not 100% guaranteed? Because you have Free Will plus life experiences before meeting each other. These two factors can prevent a soul contract from being fulfilled. On your side. Or their side.

Most soul contract agreements require courage from both souls. They're fun and easy at the beginning. Two biggest challenges to a soul contract: fear from past experiences & physical or emotional abuse.

When a contract goes unfulfilled, whether you reneged or they did, you will have a hole in your heart and soul. You will grieve it. Both of you will feel it.

Soul contracts exist at your workplace, romantic life, family life, friendship life and even while you're walking down the street! If a stranger walked past you and protected you from an ongoing bus or car - they are either Angels in human form or a soul-contract soulmate! And you may never see them again, nor know their name.

Some contracts last 5 minutes. Others last 5 weeks or 5 decades. Every contract is unique. Because you are unique.

As a psychic-channel, I'm aware of soul contracts in my personal and professional life. I recognize "soul contract" people the millisecond I meet them. Soul contract people resonate with a different frequency than other people I meet. I see their aura light up like a golden halo. The sound of their voice is different. Like listening to a symphony compared to rap music. Symphony: soul contract soulmates.

Have I had unfulfilled soul contracts? Yes. Either unfulfilled by me or the other person. Most contracts get completed. Some do not. Here is an example of an unfulfilled short-term soul contract.

Many years ago, the only missing piece in my life was a man to love. Who loved me back. I owned a beautiful home. Had an excellent day job. Excellent health. Fabulous income and lifestyle. My family was still alive. Had a few very good friends. Loved my neighbors. Loved my dog. Everything was perfect, except romantic love.

During a personal channeling session one morning, God and the Angels said: "someone is coming soon. He's an appetizer. Before your main course. A temporary soul contract. You will have a good time. Your heart will open again. You will love again. You will feel loved. Short-term 'wake-up call." You will help him too. Then you'll both say goodbye and part separate ways gently and lovingly."

A few weeks later, I met that person. I knew instantly. Thought "short-term" meant only one night or maybe two dates. When I saw him a second time, I saw our entire Soul Contract and how our souls blended. Did I tell him that? Heck no!

What was the contract? The basic agreement was rebuilding trust: his trust in women; my trust in men. He'd help me feel love and loved again. Prepare me for real romance & intimacy. I'd ground him, renew his self-esteem, confidence, and trust in women. We would complete our contract, then walk away in the most gentle way. I saw it all.

What happened? It was a fun 4 weeks. He opened my heart again. Then he started calling me while drunk or drugged up. I didn't know what to do with that. So hung up on him. He invited me to his house one night, then forgot he invited me. I showed up and he accused me of stalking him. I drove back home, shocked and crying. Never wanted to see him again. A week or so later, he convinced me he was sorry. He cried on the phone. Pled with me to see him again. "It's the alcohol. I gotta stop drinking."

Next time I saw him, he got physically abusive one morning. We had a really nice night together. He didn't drink much or use drugs that night. Next morning, his ex-girlfriend called. I asked him to not answer phone. He answered it anyway. He talked to her like I wasn't there. Any trust we built up was gone. I reached for his phone. I didn't take it away. Just reached that direction. He pulled away.

I got up to get dressed and leave. He hung up phone. And came at me. For what seemed 15 solid minutes, he shoved, slammed and pushed me all over his apartment. Slammed me into the coffee table, refrigerator, against walls. Screaming and yelling. He was very strong. I grabbed my phone to dial 911. He swatted it out of my hand. He was in a rage. I kicked or sucker-punched him and ran out.

I got to my car, shaking everywhere. No man was ever physically violent with me before - ever. I was all bruised up. Not sure whether to call police or go home. My fingers trembled while putting key in ignition. As soon as car started, I drove off. Pulled into a parking lot and called my cousin who lived nearby. I can't remember what she said. I was so scared and in shock. I barely remember driving home. I do remember my hands, fingers, legs and feet trembled so much. I remember how hard it was putting key in ignition. I remember crying all the way home. And checking my rearview mirror in case he was following me. It was the scariest day of my life. I've had scary days. That morning was the worst.

Next few days, I was afraid he'd come to my house and finish the job. Described his car to my neighbors so they'd be on the "lookout." I called my sheriff too and spoke with District Attorney's office to get a Restraining Order against him. "Without physical evidence, we can't give you a Restraining Order."

I wanted to call my dad. But I knew my dad would kill him. We had enough criminal justice history in our family: my siblings' murders. Dad would go to jail for killing that man. I didn't want this incident to make the news. No man had ever beat me up or laid a hand on me like that before. Ever.

I was scheduled to leave for Sedona in 2 days after that incident. Delayed the trip a few days. I was a nervous wreck. Called my boss "out sick next 2 days. Sorry. Will meet you in 2 days before I leave for Sedona vacation."

This man and I were supposed to part sweetly. Not in a violent rage. Violence tears up a soul contract: null and void. Soul Contract: "trusting opposite sex". I distrusted men even more after that! Took me months of therapy and attending AA meetings for the first time ever - to finally move past that trauma. I'd never dated an alcoholic. Tried wrapping my head around it all.

I stayed in Sedona for 2 months. Then returned to Houston, quit my job, moved out of my house and rented my beautiful house. That soul contract scared me that badly. During the 10 days in Houston, I visited my cousin who lived near that man. Stupidly, I drove past his house after visiting with my cousin that night. Very stupid of me. I regret that, even today. Not even sure why I drove past his house. I was still afraid of him! That night, he took a photo of my car license plate. The next morning, the police called. "You've been accused of stalking "XYZ" this morning. Driving by his house & upsetting him. Where were you at 7:30am this morning?"

I told them the truth: "I was nowhere near his house. Been with my neighbors, drinking coffee and doing yardwork. I'm in middle of moving to Sedona." The violent man lied to police. And had his neighbors lie to police too. He told them I was stalking him. Police said "only way we can clear you. You gotta drive to our office and give a statement." The trauma came back. Then the anger. Then the trembling. Then the big question: who will protect me from this? I really wanted to call my dad. He would protect me. I wanted to drive to police department with a neighbor. But I didn't want to bother them. They were my alibis though. What to do? I called my cousin. She met me at the police station. They took my statement then I went back home. My cousin said "he just wanted to scare you. So you wouldn't file assault charges against him." She knew about that violent morning.

How could he lie like that? How could he hurt me, then hurt me again?

So. Soul contracts do not always get fulfilled. 80% of the time they do. Not always. Soul-contract man had issues. Ultimately, his issues cut up our soul contract. And his issues became my issues until I learned to release it all.

Last year, that man called me. Ten years later, out of the blue. He knew my parents had died. He knew I was still grieving. He told me how I was a positive influence in his life back then. How much my positive influence still affected him deeply. "I was in a very dark place back then. You were the "light". You helped me pull through in so many ways. You were good to me. Helped me with confidence and all sorts of things. Can I help you now?" He apologized for everything. I accepted his apology & forgave him. We reconciled. I felt it was a wonderful miracle. A miracle from my mother. So I could move on and trust men again.

Then he wanted to see me. I was hesitant at first. Plus we lived 700 miles apart. He convinced me he had changed. We saw each other briefly. Then finally said our "sweet goodbye". Soul contract semi-complete. I forgave him for his violence. The memory lifted from my heart & mind. I could feel it. I was whole again.

This past October, I was getting weekly chelation cancer treatments. At the best chelation center near Ruidoso where I was living. It was located in the town where he lived. I didn't care. I needed good chelation therapy. Hadn't seen him in 2 months. This was my 3rd chelation treatment visit. I was sitting at a bar, watching football. He walked into the bar and saw me. He accused me of stalking again. Those bad memories came racing back.

I didn't return to that town for chelation treatments again. He didn't physically hurt me last year. My Angels protected me. My cousin knew him. Last year, I told her that he called. She said "This is good you're talking. If he wanted to kill you that morning, he would've. He didn't. Count your blessings. You shouldn't have driven past his house months after he attacked you. Crosby has a different set of rules than you're used to." She neglected to tell me that he abused other women when I met him 10 years prior. I had no idea back then. She told me last year.

What was wrong with this guy? Acute Alcoholism. On a soul level? Who knows. Abandonment issues and/or a host of other things that happened to him before we met for our "soul contract". I had issues too: trusting others and PTSD from my siblings' murders twenty years before we met. We both had "stuff" to clear. Soul contracts help us heal. Physical violence deadens the healing process.

All a true story. I keep a journal since 1980s. Journaled that complete story (2009 & 2019).

Maybe God has a wicked sense of humor? A short-term Soul Contract to help me trust & love men again: was a lesson for the exact opposite. Took a long time to get over his abuse & accusations. Took a few months to bounce back from the "October Surprise" too.

So. When I say "violence nulls a soul contract" and "fulfillment of soul contracts is not guaranteed", I got personal experience. A very bad experience to prove those theories. Unfortunately.

Maybe from my story, you will find some wisdom, courage or understanding about how soul contracts can evolve.

This is first time I've told this story publicly. Domestic Violence makes you feel embarrassed, guilty, ashamed, hurt, disarmed, distrusting, and all sorts of things. Whether you're a man or woman, it cuts you to the core. It takes a long time to resolve and move past.

If anyone physically attacks you, your best response is calling the police. Immediately. Or driving to the police department. Right then. That's the biggest mistake I made. I still regret it every day.

Most soul contract relationships are amazing! Some drive you off the reservation into no-mans-land. Looking back, that man had more issues than I could handle. I should have listened to my gut when I first met him: "short-term 1 or 2 dates." Would have saved myself a heap of grief.

Every person and psychic-channel have personal experiences that influence their future. Just because we're psychic does not mean we are mistake-free. God knows I make at least 4 mistakes a day! No one walking this Earth is flawless.

Our souls are flawless. Our human lives are not. Did I ever find the love I was looking for? No. That 20-year window has now closed for this lifetime. Too traumatized and sensitive from that physical trauma years ago. Can't trust.

Appreciate every moment of your life. Protect yourself from harm. If a soulmate physically hurts you, leave and never go back. They tore up the soul contract. You did nothing wrong. No person, no child, no man, nor woman - deserves to be physically assaulted. No one. Physical violence rips up trust forever. Soul trust. Heart trust. Body trust. Love trust.

You can't rebuild trust in a relationship if physical violence occurred in it. It is impossible and improbable. Angels in the Spirit Realm say "it is the ultimate soul betrayal besides murder."

If you find yourself in an abusive relationship, please seek assistance from a law enforcement officer, pastor-priest, family member or good friend. Don't walk that road alone. Seek help. Talk to someone about what happened to you. Do not bear it alone. You cannot bear it alone. Be honest. Be real. Be good to yourself.


The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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