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Your Soul Plan

Your main soul purpose is to live the best, happiest, most contented, relaxed and fulfilled life possible on this planet. This is part of everyone's soul purpose.

You're also born with a Soul Blueprint - or Soul Plan. A plan you created before incarnating on Earth. It's an outline of the challenges and victories you'll encounter while on Earth. It lists your strengths and weaknesses. Your strengths carry you forward to victories. Your weaknesses align with your challenges. In Spiritual Terms - your weaknesses align with your Earth lessons. It also lists your best choices in careers, your financial patterns, relationships you'll have, best places to live and specific timelines when you'll achieve certain successes, experience traumas, start a family and other pivotal moments.

Some people engage Astrologers to learn about their Soul Plan: A Prenatal Chart. Some people intuitively know their Soul Plan. Others consult psychics or use Numerology to tap into their Soul Plan.

In everyone's Soul Plan is a list of Soul Mates. These people appear in your life when you need a boost to help you complete your Soul Plan. They appear when you're facing challenges. None of us is meant to walk this Earth alone. Soul Mates help us along. Soul Mates remind us of our strengths while we feel weak. They help us rebuild confidence and courage. Soul Mates help us move forward into victories. They help us turn lemons into lemonade. You're part of their Soul Plan. They are part of yours. Soul Mate relationships are interdependent not codependent. Your Soul Paths intertwine. You help them. They help you.

There's a catch with Soul Mates. Free Will gives them the choice whether or not to help you. Free Will trumps Soul Plans. If a Soul Mate is afraid or insecure or hasn't completed parts of his/her Soul Plan before you meet them - they will not help you achieve your Soul Plan. That also makes it more difficult for you to help them achieve their Soul Plan. Regardless if they show up when you need them. Regardless of your mutual spiritual agreement before this lifetime (Soul Contract). Sometimes Soul Mates don't deliver on their spiritual contract promise.

When this happens, you use Free Will to decide if you still hold up your side of the spiritual contract - and help them. When a Soul Mate doesn't deliver, part of your heart and soul feel lost. This creates codependency instead of interdependence. It creates a soul imbalance for both of you.

This trend happens more now than ever before. Why? We now live in a fear-based society. A society that propagates fear, weakness, separation and a virtual life over spiritual values, family, relationships and the true physical experience of unity and community we seek on Earth. Fear and soul depravity create a huge barrier between you and your Soul Plan. Work at preventing that.

If society norms and pop culture play a big role in your life, when they change, it affects your soul essence. When norms move negative, you become sad, depressed, and off-center. It rattles your soul's natural self-confidence. When this happens, fear forms a wedge between you and your Soul Plan. Affecting your Free Will choice and a Soul Mate's choice to deliver on Soul Contracts. Covid was a huge catalyst changing social norms from positive to negative. Affecting many people's Soul Plans.

When a Soul Mate arrives and doesn't deliver on the promise made - you feel it on very deep levels. Spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically - you feel wounded and lost when a Soul Mate chooses to ignore his/her responsibilities. Why would a Soul Mate not deliver on a soul contract? Because that person disconnects from his/her soul essence. Out of fear, insecurity or soul depravity. On some deep level, that person chooses not to keep the promise. This negatively impacts your Soul Plan. And theirs. Your life and theirs takes more effort and courage. The help you needed from that person did not come. That alters your Plan and theirs.

The biggest challenge in today's society: reaching your Soul Plan's full potential. That challenge can create Soul Depravity: disconnecting from your soul.

When Soul Depravity occurs, it takes double courage, double effort and extra love and support of people you trust to overcome it. Most people with Soul Depravity numb the pain with addictions or obsessions like drugs (prescription or non-prescription), alcohol, virtual reality, social media. To escape the spiritual pain of Soul Depravity. Programs like AA, NA,Al-Anon and CODA were created to ease the pain of Soul Depravity. Bringing people together, building a community, based on similar experiences, certain principles and values. Just as religions do. Your soul knows: no one lives alone in Heaven/Spirit Realm. Why be alone on Earth with all its challenges? That's why we have Soul Mates!

You have a Soul Plan. You have Soul Mates. You have Soul Contracts. Best ways to achieve your Soul Plan, and help others achieve theirs: live without fear. Fear separates. Know the importance of true social interaction - physically being with others. Know the positive value that your relationships bring you: emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically. No matter if they're Soul Mate relationships or not. Every one in your life holds a special place for you.

When you're feeling down, talk to someone you trust. As souls in human bodies, we're built to be with people - not alone. When you're facing a challenge, ask a second set of eyes to review the situation with you. They will see things differently than you. They're not living inside the problem. Let them help you turn the problem into a solution. That's the entire reason Soul Mates exist! To give you another pair of "eyes" to "see" with.

Namaste -

The Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium

Robin Amanda

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