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Your Worth

February is the month of love - including self-love. Are you good at unconditionally loving yourself? If you're like most people, your answer ranges from "Sometimes; not all the time." To "What is self-love? I don't understand the concept." Or "When I forget, my spouse/friend/family member reminds me that I'm loved; reinforcing my self-love muscle."

As a spiritual being in a human body, love is important to all of us. Loving others and feeling loved. Love energy lives in our souls and hearts. Sharing our love energy while receiving love energy from others are important to our soul existence.

Love softens the Earth struggles we may endure. That's one reason our Angels and Spirit Guides exist: "Earth tests the soul's human heart. We're here to remind each soul how to love and be loved. How to love thyself. As we love you."

Earth experiences can challenge our love connections. Uncertainty, unknowns, fears and excess stress can disconnect us from our primary love energy. When we disconnect, it distorts self-love and the love we receive from others. Self-judgment may appear; creating a stronger disconnect from love. Self-judgment may expand to judging those who love us and whom we love. Thickening the “love disconnect”. Has this happened to you? It happens to most of us at one time or another.

How do you stop the Love Disconnect cycle? How can you rekindle love while enduring a hardship? Realistically evaluate your Self Worth.

Quickly. Before your brain moves into "self-judgment" negative overdrive.

Use the Benjamin Franklin method. Score your Self Worth like scoring Assets and Liabilities on a company's Balance Sheet.

Grab a tablet and create two columns. Column 1: Strengths/Likes. Column 2: Weaknesses/Dislikes. It's best to use a physical tablet or sheets of paper with a writing pen or pencil, instead of using a digital device (laptop, phone). Handwriting your details on physical paper strengthens the power of the exercise. You're using your body as well as your soul, heart, and mind - to score your current life. When we use our four major batteries (heart, mind, body, soul) at the same time, we elevate and empower our Earth experiences and this exercise. Our energy naturally increases and uplifts.

Author James Redfield (Celestine Prophecy) once said "where attention goes, energy flows." That's quantum physics in motion; our souls' natural environment.

First, write down everything you like, love and admire about yourself. If you can't think of any, write down positive things that people say about you. As you write down those positives, feel the energy connected to the words you're choosing. Words hold energy. The words on your Strengths column should feel positive and uplifting.

Remember your strengths that helped you in the past. Write down past experiences that elevated or inspired you. Write down what actions you took that inspired that experience. Write down everything you love about yourself. If you're in the middle of a crisis, ask someone you love and trust for ideas. "What do you like/love about me?" Write those things down.

If you're living in fear, write down your fears under Column 2. For every fear, list a "success" or "miracle" you experienced in Column 1. Correlate them. So your entries in Columns 1 and 2 are on the same line.

If you're living in self-doubt, write down your doubts in Column 2. Correlate each entry by using Column 1 to list a past experience where you turned a doubt into a positive. How did you turn it around then? Can you use same methods this time?

In Column 2, write down past experiences similar to your current stressful one. Use Column 1 to explain how those experiences ended. How did you survive it? What did you do to "lift yourself up"? Was the ending beautiful or sad? If you thrived after the experience, write "I thrived". If you survived it (which you DID if you're reading this!), write "I survived."

On a different page, create two columns again. Column 1 "People I love". Column 2 "People who love me." Write their names in corresponding columns.

Congratulations! You just created a realistic Self-Worth Evaluation. By writing down your failures, successes, weaknesses, strengths, your past experiences where you thrived or survived, plus remembering all the people you love and/or love you - you now see your worth.

These entries show your worth to the world, people who care about you and love you, your soul worth and your heart worth.

You now have your blueprint for self-love. You see when you showed courage. You see past methods that worked best for you - when you felt doubt, fear or uncertainty. You see how you conquered past fears and doubts. Or you see areas where you can improve your experiences. Maybe you see patterns that did NOT work; those jewels are just as important as patterns that DID work. According to our souls, negatives and positives hold equal energy. Focus your mind to change any patterns that prevent you from the life you want.

Ultimately, this exercise shows you the dazzling, positive, miraculous soul you are. If you endured many struggles, those struggles are in your "past". You survived or thrived past them! You can change your stressful present or future. You can rekindle your love energy. You're a wondrous soul worthy of so many good things.

An added benefit of your Self Worth Evaluation. While you worked on your lists, your brain had no time to self-doubt, self-sabotage, self-destruct or create Love Disconnect! Nice, right? You used your brain for its ultimate purpose: recalling past experiences and your accomplishments. Helping you "count your coup," as the Native tribes say.

If you're in a relationship, you can enhance this exercise by sharing it with him/her. Especially if that person knows your history. If your loved one says "you're too hard on yourself. You did a magnificent job with that past experience when you were afraid." Then you know you have the right person in your life! And this exercise strengthened your love bond.

Wishing you Love, Light, Peace and Understanding this month!

-- Robin Amanda, Your Sedona Spirit Psychic

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