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Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey Fri, Aug 25

Hurricanes teach us a lot. I've been through several in Houston area. I'm a native Houstonian! Back in Houston now, after relocating from Sedona in March. Today, sure wish I was back in beautiful Sedona, where I lived & had psychic practice since 2009.

Prepared & ready for Harvey. As prepared as you can be. Prepared for power outages, flood waters, high winds, and possible evacuation if it reaches that point. Prepared for all unknowns.

There's always some "unknown" you forget about. So you prepare as best you can, take it easy, sit back, wait. Knowing you have another 24 hours or so living in "unknown." You recharge your batteries: literally & figuratively. You stop worrying. Because you did your best and stores now closed. Nothing left to do but wait. Why worry while you wait? Take it easy. Knowing you can handle whatever comes your way.

What do Hurricanes teach us? Besides that last paragraph, they teach us the following....

The power of nature. The ability to adapt to unknowns. The truth about life: "We cannot control outside forces. But we can control how we react to them." Hurricanes also teach us about community and how important it is to be surrounded by good people. Whether you're the good person, helping neighbors and friends, or your neighbors or friends are. There's incredible value to being part of something; part of others' lives; feeling security in numbers; a strong part of a group or community.

I lived in Houston during Hurricane Ike. We had no power for 2 weeks. What happened? Every neighbor went outside, talked to each other, helped one another. Something we only did on weekends when taking care of our lawns. Sense of community. During Ike, our entire neighborhood banded together, got to know each other better, laughed, told jokes, smiled, visited each others' homes during those 2 wks. One of my neighbors had a generator, so 4 of us neighbors took turns washing clothes at their house. We'd bring food, snacks or whatever they needed - to barter using their generator for laundry, cell phones, laptops. One neighbor had too much frozen meat defrosting & needed people to help eat it! Another neighbor had a double-gas grill with 2 propane tanks. Another had a wide collection of books, puzzles, board games to help pass the time away. Another neighbor had a fully stocked bar! Another had boxes of MREs in case anyone ran out of food. Another neighbor had plenty of water to share if anyone ran out. Another had a blow-up raft if we needed it. We didn't need the raft, our homes & neighborhood sit on high ground. But it was great if we did!

Sense of community. Adapting to worse-case scenarios. Making the best of the worst. Smiling, laughing through it. Getting to know neighbors - becoming a large family. That's what happened. It didn't matter who had what. We were in it together. What mattered to all of us: getting to know each other. I'm back in that same house now. Surrounded by neighbors who are like family. Hurricanes are powerful forces. They spawn tornados, which I fear most. They force us to return to the good ole days when cell phones, computer games, TVs, laptop movies didn't exist. They force us to help or receive help. They force us to stay connected with others. Hurricanes force us to be human. And being human on this Planet is an amazing gift. Being human feels amazing. We accept our fears and courage. We accept others' fears and courage. We remember "we're all in this game of life together. Doing the best we can. There's strength in teamwork; staying open; helping & receiving help."

Sometimes we forget all that. No matter how often our Angels or Spirit Guides try to remind us. Sometimes it takes trauma, tragedy or an Act of Nature to remind us: "Be still, be you, everything will be OK." Then the lights turn on again & we realize those truths. We gained new friendships that became as close as family. That's the greatest gift of all. Better than overcoming fears. Better than overcoming natural disasters. Better than facing unknowns and surviving them.

We created a stronger community and lasting relationships that didn't exist before that Hurricane hit. We learned individuals are good. More good people exist than bad. It renews our hope for the future, and all humanity. While living in Sedona for 8 years, I stayed in touch with my Houston neighbors. Just like family. And here we are again! Almost 9 years after Hurricane Ike. Deja vu.

Namaste --

Sedona Spirit Psychic Robin Amanda

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