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Vegas Tragedy, Faith & Beliefs

When tragedy happens, it tests our beliefs & faith.

If our beliefs & faith proved correct & helpful during non-tragic or previous challenging times, they lift us up after tragedies. Providing us strength, inner power, hope, helping us heal emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically. On our own.

If our beliefs & faith created chaos, tension, stress during non-tragic or previous challenging times, they will harm us after a tragedy.

Faith & beliefs are the foundation of our individual daily lives.

If they're wobbly or weak, we cannot heal properly. We get manipulated easily. Triggered easily. Offended easily. Offend & fight others constantly. We look for weakness. We look for negatives in others to ease our pain. We live in pain, not hope or calm or peace. We look for immediate answers yet find none.

If our faith & beliefs are strong, proven - we heal properly after tragedy- using that inner power of faith, belief. We don't get manipulated. We don't get "triggered". We don't get offended. Our foundation is strong. It doesn't wobble. We find peace, hope, calm that eases our pain. We don't seek immediate answers. We seek healing. Self-healing.

Sometimes it takes tragedy to discover if our faith & beliefs are strong. Tragedy doesn't have to be trigger for tests, but it usually is.

Vegas has shown us our nation is divided in 2 ways: politically & spiritually. Those who believe in God's grace & protection. Those who don't. Those who believe in Big Govt protecting us. Those who don't.

No matter how divided our nation is, at the moment, take a breath. Look inward, step inside your soul & heart. Pray for victims. Pray for our nation. Pray for your own protection. Act responsibly. Research often. Live fully.

Once a tragedy occurs, emotional, psyche damage occurs. Heal your heart, soul. That's the most important job you can do right now - for your healing process. Heal yourself. Adjust your belief systems, faith if necessary. Empower your life. God is with you, whether you believe in Him or not.

---Robin Amanda, Sedona Spirit Psychic

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