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Ailments & Cures

Most clients hire me for details about their relationships, career, money, soul-path and HEALTH. I'm a Medical-Health Intuitive, Pet Psychic, Soul Psychic Channel and Departed Loved Ones Medium.

Since Covid, almost every client asks about his/her physical health - or health of their Loved Ones. Covid news and overwhelming Rx advertising keeps health Top-Of-Mind.

My Channel quickly sees a person's physical body - with red, yellow, green spots. Much like an MRI, CAT scan, or thermogram. Your Spirit Guides show me your full body-scan, most resembling a thermogram - heat-activated thermography. Colors similar to a traffic light: Red: "Alert". Yellow: "Caution". Green: "Clear". Sometimes your Spirit Guides touch areas of my body, giving same sensation you have. Then showing a picture of your perfect "cure".

When asking about other people's health, their Spirit Guides come through doing the same. Unless that information is confidential.

Last 5 years, especially since Covid, 98% psychic sessions include health questions. Last 2 years, a pattern emerged: Clients getting similar chronic ailments.

Ailments. Anxiety, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Auto-immune disorders, Autism, Restless Leg Syndrome, Thyroid issues, Cancer, Tinnitus. None of them know each other. Most don't live in same city or state. A global phenomena; not just in US.

Common denominator: EMF Radiation Exposure. Cause? In-home WiFi, WiFi security systems (eg Ring) and tools like Alexa, excessive cell phone or social media use, computer use, live near a Cell Tower, or rarely get outdoors and touch Earth. All these items cause EMF Radiation Exposure. Exposure affects bees and all other living creatures as well - not just humans.

EMF Radiation hits our planet worse than Climate Change. Affects Earth's entire ecology and stratosphere (atmospheric layers protecting Earth). Yet rarely discussed. Follow the money, right?

Client sessions rarely include these root causes. Let's face it. Can you change or minimize your EMF exposure? It's all around us.

A documentary effectively speaks about this. Resonance: Beings of Frequency. Watch YouTube Video. Also available on Amazon Prime (Freevee). Might be on Netflix, don't know. Length: 1.5 hours. Worth watching. Ultimately, there's no regulation for root causes. Studies for EMF exposure backed by cell phone companies, who control the studies' outcomes. Much like Big Pharma studies (eg Covid vaccine): Grossly inadequate.

Your body & brain cannot effectively cushion the residue upset from EMF. Effects of EMF Radiation may not show in your body for several years.


  1. Walk the land (Earth) once a day. Barefoot if possible. Ground to Earth's Schumann Frequency.

  2. Eat "root" foods. Beets, potatoes, carrots, onions, cucumbers, celery. Anything grown underground or slightly above ground. Connect with Earth. Earth exudes its own frequency & energy. Our human bodies need that.

  3. SLEEP! EMF Radiation affects your melatonin levels. Melatonin helps heal your body. Also helps you rest. Without 6-9 hours deep sleep every night, your body won't heal - from anything. Find ways to sleep at night. Sip organic cherry juice or red wine before bed. Create Faraday box in your bedroom: no TV, cell phone, or other electronic device.

Funny. Hospitals are the worst places to sleep and rest. Too many noises, bright lights, WiFi EMF signals & radiation. I wonder how doctors and nurses cope with all that, physically and emotionally.

Whatever your ailment, your Spirit Guides have answers and cures. Listed Top 3 Cures here. For your individual case, there might be better, easier cures for you. Your Spirit Guides know much more than we do!

With Good Health and Strong Spiritual Beliefs, You Can Do Anything You Desire!

-- Robin

Your Sedona Spirit Psychic

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