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New Year

Today we say "Goodbye, 2021." At midnight, we say "Hello, 2022."

What will the New Year bring you? You probably ask this question every December 31 and/or January 1.

If you knew the successes and failures to come in the New Year, would it change your behavior or actions? That's a question our Soul, Spirit Guides, Angels and Loved Ones ask us every December 31 and January 1. Would knowing your future help you maximize the opportunities? Would it help you minimize losses?

Our Earth lives are complicated. We're unique, beautiful, loving, expansive souls living (or some say "trapped") in human bodies. No matter how much we learn about ourselves; what we learn about our soul makeup and destiny; how we view Earth life and its heavy gravitational density; how we overcome or rise above Earth's density and challenges - we will mess up and make mistakes.

Our pure soul energy knows no mistakes. Our soul says "no such thing as a mistake. It's all about the experience. The journey." Our Earth-bound minds and hearts say: "I made a mistake! Oh my goodness. What do I do now? Can I make a U-turn? Get a second chance? Ask for forgiveness? Forgive myself? Forget what happened? Start all over? What did I learn from this? Will I recover? When will good things come into my life? Why is Earth so hard?"

Boggles your heart, mind and soul, doesn't it? The anxiety you can create - when you make a mistake or challenges rattle you. At a time when you need all your energy to rise above, take a U-Turn or "flip it."

The lesson: We create our own inner anxiety. We can be our own worst enemy sometimes. Self-sabotage or inner-cannibalism. Earth's heavy density can move our energy down - fast. Our soul says "Calm down. Even after Earth death, you're still alive and kicking! No such thing as mistakes. It's all about the experience. Savor your Earth experiences. That's why you're here. Stop over-thinking it. Trust your inner energy source. You're fine. The more negative you feel about yourself, for making silly mistakes, the more dense and Earth-bound your energy is. The more dense your energy field, the more you disconnect from your pure, expansive soul energy. Your soul energy - me - can move mountains and bust any energetic or scientific paradigm. Start believing that. Viva sin Miedo. Live Without fear."

We have Free Will. That gives us the freedom to buck our Soul Path; taking a left turn when a right turn was best for us - heart, mind, body and soul. Our souls know the best direction for us. Our Angels, Spirit Guides, Lost Loved Ones help us "hear" our individual soul's answers. Spiritual practices do the same. Religious practices do the same. When you have strong spiritual beliefs - knowledge of your soul potential and a strong connection with God, The Universe or a Higher Power - you're less likely to create more inner anxiety when things on Earth go bad. You know that creating more inner anxiety depletes your inner strength and weakens your Soul to overcome whatever challenge you face.

Your spiritual beliefs and God connection determine your life span on Earth - and how you use your Earth time. Your beliefs and spiritual connection either help or hinder your Earth experience.

It doesn't matter what the New Year brings to you. What will you bring it? What qualities do you possess that will attract good things to you?

2021 has been the worst year for me - on all levels. Testing me at every turn. Testing my resiliency, belief systems and testing my soul essence to its core. Maybe 2021 was that way for you too. If so, the fact that you're reading this proves you can overcome anything. Take inventory of the belief systems that helped you this year. Use them in 2022 and all years in the future. Take inventory of people who helped you. Appreciate them; tell them "Thank You" today. Remember the positives that happened to you this year. Move that positive energy into 2022.

No matter what people tell you about 2022 - whether professional psychic mediums like me, astrologers, numerologists, meteorologists, news-makers or politicians - your individual, unique, powerful, omniscient, omnipotent, sensitive soul can create whatever you want in 2022.

Trust and have faith in you, your soul and God. That frees you to connect with your intuition and gut. When you live by your intuition-gut, you're living your Soul Purpose. The less mistakes you make and more successes you gain. In every area of your life. No matter what soothsayers and clairvoyants tell you - you create your own destiny. You have the power to make a U-Turn at any time - when you're on a scary or rough road. You have the power to give yourself a second chance. You have many powers; soul power.

Quoting one of my favorite movie lines "You're capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares." (Contact, 1997) Create beautiful dreams.

Today's message was channeled from High Level Angels.

Happy New Year!

Robin Amanda, Your Sedona Spirit Psychic

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