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Psychic Abilities

Each of us is born with the ability to communicate with and "see or sense" other realms and entities that exist in the Ethereal Invisible World: Angels, God-The Universe, Multiverse, etc. We're born with it because it lives inside our souls - naturally. In this current life, we choose whether to keep or use it.

It is very rare NOT to have this ability. You and your soul decide if you use it.

Astral projection, clairvoyance, clairaudience, omniscience, remote viewing, channeling, mediumship, talking to animals and invisible "beings": we're all capable of those. If we choose to do it. Sometimes we choose not to use/do it in a lifetime. Sometimes we choose to reignite that psychic side of ourselves later in life. Or early in life, then stop using it.

Why wouldn't we use these amazing skills? Sometimes we, as souls, choose to have an "all in" Earth life. Completely disconnected from our soul source. We want to focus on Earth more than "Heaven" (our soul source).

I use word "Heaven" as all-encompassing word for any dimension not of Earth. I like simplifying things. Heaven: The Invisible Ethereal World we don't "see" with our eyes. We "see" it with our soul and heart. Our ultimate source. God's Source. "Heaven" means different things to different people. You may use it in a different way than I do. Heaven can be an alternative universe. A different planet or galaxy. Related to God and religion. The Ethereal Invisible World that lives around us - where ghosts, Loved Ones and positive/negative entities live or hover. Heaven is same as Native cultures' "Great Mystery". Or a dimension we travel to during a Near-Death experience or while dreaming. And also places we Astral-Travel to.

My definition of Heaven is all those things.

I'm able to do all those things: astral project, remote-view, channel, communicate, hear, see and clairvoyance. Since I was 5 years old. Have a very strong connection with God. Even when I get mad at him. His presence and Angels' presence hover close to me since I was born. In my life, they're as real as inhaling air.

Today's Blog is about fine-tuning your "psychic abilities", gifts or magic. At age 5, my Great Aunt Falba saw my abilities. She helped me fine-tune them. To live robustly on Earth while staying connected to the magic to have an easier life. Two things she often said "Don't tell your mother! She wants you to be normal." And "Turn it off when you want. Don't keep it always on." Aunt Falba was Mom's Aunt. 1969: The year Falba began training me to manage my abilities. Feels like 4 lifetimes ago!

If you have good or excellent Intuition, it will be simple, quick, easy to access your "psychic abilities" - if you choose. You're using the same energy & skill-set with your Intuition - as you do when channeling. My mother's intuition was excellent. My father's too. They listened and used their intuition often - with remarkable, miraculous results. Mom healed animals and raised us kids as unique community-minded individuals. Dad's intuition created great wealth and stability for our family - even during Texas Oil Bust and numerous recessions like 1970s oil embargo.

Intuition is a marvelous tool. If you have it and use it, keep it up! It makes up 80% of your psychic abilities.

If you're phenomenal with meditation - where you blank your mind and allow no thoughts, worries, stresses to conflict with your Zen state - accessing your "psychic abilities" will also be quick and easy.

If you're excellent with Intuition &/or Meditation, fully expanding your psychic abilities takes 2 simple steps. First, learning how to turn it off/on - like a light switch. Second, confirming that your consciousness isn't tainting the information you get.

If your Intuition &/or Meditation skills are lacking, learning one of those skills will move you toward the psychic abilities goalpost. That's why I offer a customized Intuition Program: tailored for each client.

When you start using your psychic abilities, following your Intuition and Meditating help you balance the energies of Earth and Heaven.

If you began expanding your Psychic Abilities - for the first time - during Covid, 4 things to know.

(1) Be mindful of WHO you're connecting with. WHAT you're connecting with. And WHERE you go (astral travel or remote-viewing). During Covid, fear and hysteria attracted very bad spiritual actors. Low-level energies that don't belong on Earth. Be careful.

(2) Every time you use your spiritual gifts, ask your Angels to protect and shield you. They'll do it. It's their job! "Please get rid of any bad entities that don't belong to me." Or use your own phrase with same meaning. Your Angels-Spirit Guides will protect you. Trust them.

(3) Verify your psychic abilities with other psychics, mediums, intuitives whom you trust. Confirming or verifying your psychic information with a professional will help you fine-tune gift. Even if it costs a few dollars, it's worth it.

(4) How to Turn it "Off ". Earth life emits tremendous stimuli and energy now. Positive and negative. To strengthen your gifts, let your gifts sleep and rest occasionally. Turn them "off." Also know how to turn them back "On". At will. Especially in crisis situations.

During Covid, our planet and The Ethereal Realms changed. Hostile spiritual beings were summoned to Earth. Indirectly from our global hysterical fear energy. Directly by people expanding their psychic abilities - for the first time - during the spiritual chaos. And those who trained them. Ethereal Realms experienced upheaval during Covid. Just like we did. Best comparison for expanding psychic abilities during that time: Taking your College Final Exams during a hurricane. While winds blow 100 mph, ripping off rooftops, destroying everything around you and seawater waves invade your classroom. Not exaggerating. If you can ace a Final Exam during those conditions, you're my hero! Contact me!

Like moths to a flame, hostile spirits move toward hysteria and fear. Floating in through any "fear" crack. Your soul is stronger than their energies. Remember that. The Inner Power of your soul moves past fear toward solutions. Your soul does not fear. When you feel afraid, immediately ask your Angels-Spirit Guides to protect you. Your set of Angels and Spirit Guides is stronger than your Departed Loved Ones. Call on your Angels. It's their job to help you. It's your job to ask them for help when you need it. They love working for and with you. Sometimes Departed Loved Ones join our Angel team. Sometimes they don't. Calling for your Angels' help or God's help is best.

If you want Psychic Skills training, I'm offering a 2-Day Online Group Seminar. Friday, August 4 & Saturday August 5. Day 1: 2 hours. Day 2: 3 hours. $60 per person. Friday: 5p-7p AZ (7p-9p Central). Saturday: 9a-Noon AZ (11a-2p Central). Click Here for More Details.

If you prefer personal one-on-one training. I'm offering a 2-Day; 5-Hour Mediumship Online Workshop for Individuals. Cost $450. Personalized for you, your schedule and current skill level. You choose your start day. Like the Group Seminar, Day #1: 2 hours. Day #2: 3 hours. Plus 3 follow-up sessions with me privately to verify your channel or abilities. Over a 6-month period. Click Here for More Details.

August is the hottest month of the year! Let's kick-start it indoors with our Angels and the A/C on!

Sending you Love, Light and Peace.

Your Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium

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