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Twin Flames

I first heard this concept in 2019. While working with a client. Since then, its popularity grew. Clients ask about their Twin-Flames. Constant answer from The Spirit Realm? "It's bullshit. No such thing."

Twin Flame Theory applies to finding your ultimate romantic soulmate. Best described as "meeting the other half of your soul".

Its basis. At the time of your soul birth, your soul split into two human (or physical) forms. You're a Twin-Flame to another soul. Once you find that person, your life will feel complete and whole. An uber-spiritual relationship moving you into wholeness. If the twin-flame rejects you, don't dismay. It's part of your spiritual experience. Work on yourself. Become the best "you". Eventually, your twin-flame will wise-up and join you.

Total BS. Not part of any spiritual law: now nor in last 200,000 years. An outdated, disproven theory dressed up as "brand new". Destroying people's lives in the process.

If you have Amazon Prime Video, check out the documentary: "Desperately Seeking Soulmate." Exposing the scam. Twin-Flame theory sells lots of books, seminars, workshops and podcasts. It's an interesting AND outdated theory with no spiritual basis.

The truth. As a general spiritual rule - souls do not "split" into 2 beings at the time of soul birth. Soul-duality is a man-made, mind-made concept; not a spiritual one. Each soul is different and unique. Most people have several choices, not just one, for true, long-term romantic companionship. Twin-Soul? Very rare. Maybe 2% of Earth population.

When we're disconnected from our heart or soul, our minds complicate everything! Human minds create duality, self-sabotage, fear, self-hate, self-cannibalism, judgments and even the theory of "mirrors". It's a mental game. Not a heart-soul one. Twisting yourself into a pretzel? Over-analyzing you and other people? While searching for love and acceptance? You defeat your love-goal marathon before reaching the quarter-mile marker.

Make your life simple and easy. You were born a beautiful soul. With all your natural wonder, gifts and faults. You are who you are: heart-mind-soul. Remember who you are. Accentuate your positives; not your negatives.

Occam's Razor is a wonderful axiom: The simplest answer is the best one. The truth is simple. Scams are complex. The more complex a theory, the less likely it is true. String Theory is simple. Quantum Physics is simple. Affairs of the heart? Our most vulnerable area. Easy to fall for complex scams.

Soul Family. We all have soul family members walking this Earth. From the same soul-seed or soul bloodline. Some may assist you as Angels or Spirit Guides from The Spiritual Realm (Heaven). Each person reading this has at least 2 soul family members on Earth.

Right now, people hunger for their soul family. Completely normal. Some people are physically surrounded by their soul family already. Some are not. Many people live in a vulnerable state. Human frailty attracts predators. Twin Flame Theory: just one of several scams that predators now use.

Be careful. The crazier our world gets, the more predators will surface.

Best advice: Select one person in your life who "gets" you. Who has excellent intuition and shoots it straight with you. Tells you the truth. Cares about you. Helps you see if something or someone is right or wrong for you. That's your best protection against scams and predators.

Romantic partners. Based on 25+ years of channeling for all types of clients, discovered a few Universal Truths.

Truth #1. There is more than one romantic soul-mate for every person. That doesn't mean you'll cheat on your spouse! It simply means that your soul has back-up plans, if you miss the first one. Or the 2nd. God, the Spirit Realm and your soul are wicked smart! Contingency plans exist.

Truth #2. You don't have to fix you before meeting your true partner. Unless you don't feel "you" yet. Only you and your soul know that. Stay your Authentic Self. That person will show up. Don't fix yourself so well - that your Angels must work overtime to bring new romantic potentials! Is that possible? Yep.

Truth #3: You learn more about who you are, your capabilities, your gifts, talents, flaws, and ways to fix flaws - when in a committed relationship with someone - than when you're alone. 90% humans are meant to "match up" with someone. The other 10% choose NO romantic relationships this lifetime. Soul choice.

Truth #4: Stay connected with God-Spirit Realm and your soul. Through prayer, meditation, talking to God &/or your Angels (with or without assistance from a psychic-channel). When you disconnect from your heart or soul, you'll fall for all types of gimmicks and tricks.

Two 35-year psychological trends: Codependency is bad. You must fix "you" before meeting your true partner. Both trends have similar foundation as Twin Flame theory. "You're not good enough yet. Buy our books, seminars, workshops or therapy sessions. We'll give you signs when you're ready."

Are we that disconnected from our hearts and souls - that we attract feeling "less than"?

We're being taught that. In most sections of western society: entertainment, education, philosophy, psychology, sociology, news, politics, even my profession! Those teachings are wrong. What's the real reason for the "less than" ideology? Population control, power, manipulation and money.

Committed couples are stronger, more confident and resilient than single people. Countless studies last 80 years prove that. Visiting hospitals or nursing homes prove that. When talking to people who've been married 30+ years, you learn that. Strength, confidence and resiliency. These are powerful weapons against predators and Evil energies.

When two people commit to one another, it satisfies a human and spiritual need. That's why finding a romantic soul-mate is so important to us! And why it generates over $500 Billion in sales every year from books, movies, etc. Our hearts long for love, commitment and companionship.

Relationships help us grow. Why wait until you "fix" yourself? Does your Inner Circle of trusted friends-family members want you fixed? If not, why worry? If they do, then do it.

Spiritual Newsflash! You are good enough. You were born perfect. Your soul thrives on Earth! Stretching its wings- even when bad things happen. Remember who you are. Remember your positive attributes. Limit your self-negative thoughts. Souls on a self-destructive track will self-destruct. Is that what you want this lifetime? To destroy yourself? Free Will choice. Choose your life steps wisely - toward authentically positive - not negative. Your soul is a powerful positive force. Why fight it?

Loving, solid and good relationships still have challenges. If you're in a rough patch, walk through it together. Your partner might surprise you! Give him/her the opportunity to "rise" to your expectation. Reveal your expectation.

A close friend recently said "To make the best decision (with a person or anything in life), I must have all the information. If someone doesn't tell me everything, I won't know all the facts to respond or act in the best way. Can anyone?" Nope.

Solid Relationships require honest, constant communication or feedback. Revealing who you are. Allowing them to reveal who they are. Acceptance and honesty strengthen your bond. Your perfect person won't always be perfect. You're not perfect either. Perfection exists in Heaven. On Earth, being imperfect is part of the excitement!

Namaste -

Robin, Your Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium Channel

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