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Year-End Spirituality

As this year ends and new beginnings follow - some Spiritual Tips for you. To Close-Out 2022 and be ready for 2023.

2022. Hopefully you're enjoying this time of year. Simple pleasures matter most through January 2, 2023. Life's simple pleasures such as visiting or talking with your favorite friends and family members. Doing your favorite things (activities). Eating your favorite foods. Or simply relaxing after a hectic holiday - or hectic year.

Through January 2nd, feel the true joys of life. Do and be what brings you the most pleasure and peace. Do what makes you smile. This helps you reconnect with who you are: heart, soul, body, mind.

Sometimes we feel guilty when we're enjoying ourselves. Don't. You need these days to unwind, relax, have some fun. Be you. Love and honor you - as you honor your favorite people. We all have favorite people. Just like we have favorite foods and activities. All part of the human experience. Next few days, "play your favorites".

Another way to close out 2022. Review your challenges this year. Write them down or ponder them. Remember how you overcame them. Remember the talents you possess. If people helped you overcome things, remember who they are. Thank them. Honor them. Be there for them when they need it.

Truly appreciate your skills and strengths that brought you to this year-end. 2020-2022 were crazy years. You made it! Appreciate that. Take a breath. Know you're strong. Know you co-create your life - alongside your best allies: your Angels, Spirit Guides, Loved Ones and God (your soul source). Remember you're not walking this Earth alone. You have Spiritual Back-Up!

Know you're loved. Know that peace and comfort are yours to feel - through Jan 1st. Allow yourself to feel peace, comfort, joy. Feel grateful for your life. And the blessings and miracles that happened to you this year. Can't think of any blessings or miracles? Think of times when things worked, when you worried they wouldn't. Those are blessings.

Best practice through January 2nd: feel good about you, your life, those you love. Especially your favorite people! Keep them close through 2023.


We're still living in Holiday Magic days through January 5. A time when your Angels, Soul, God and other spiritual helpers are listening to you! Use this time to chart your 2023 journey. Brainstorm and imagine things you'd like to happen in 2023. Very important. Without a blueprint of what you want in 2023, how will you achieve happiness? While life is a journey not a destination - you chart what you want. How it appears? Don't worry about that - that's the "journey" part. What appears? That's up to you! That's what you create (or co-create). Write it all down. Everything you want in your life for next 12 months. Things currently in your life that you want to keep. Your 2023 WISH LIST.

Just like Santa's List. Your Angels & Spirit Guides want to know what you want. You're giving them 12 months or less to bring those things to you. Don't put deadlines on your Wish List. Write down things, events, people, experiences that will make you HAPPY!

God (your soul source), your Angels-Spiritual Team: want you to feel happy. Without committing a crime, of course. When you're happy, you're relaxed and joyful about your life. You're paying attention. You feel strong - living in the moment. You feel confident that everything will work out - even when faced with obstacles. Happiness is a positive feeling. Positive feelings fuel your life experiences. They bring more "positive" to you. So do negative feelings: bring more negative your way. Choose positive. Think bigger. Expand your positive life experiences.

Your 2023 Wish List: every item you include will make you smile. Do not include obligations. If you wish for a healthier, more toned body - write "Healthy, Physically Toned Body". Don't write: "Join a Gym and exercise 4x/week." Make sense? When you add "work" required to get what you want (the "how"), that item no longer feels good. You start thinking of "how". You forget the happy "want". Most people don't achieve their New Year Wish List - because they get bogged down on "how" and obligation. The "what" that made them smile and happy? Clouded by the "how".

Just write down the "whats" that make you feel happy. Details: let God and your Angels handle those. You'll know "how" when the time is right and answer appears. Don't overthink things. Feel happy. Choose things that make you happy.

In general, 2023 will be a very strange, chaotic year. Charting your "wants": very important. And stay focused on those during 2023. 2023 will test your faith: in yourself, your soul, talents, people. Even more than 2022. Chart your "wants". Write out your 2023 Wish List. By January 5, 2023.

Every week or day of 2023, look at your list. Choose which "what" you want next. That's your best way to navigate through 2023. Many upsets in 2023. Chart your course. Follow it. Add to it, as necessary, throughout the year. Your Wish List. That's your Life Plan. Stick to it. You'll be fine.

Namaste -

Robin Amanda, The Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium

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