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Letting Go

When you let go of people who provide no value, it frees you to acknowledge and strengthen your bond with people who DO bring value and positive meaning in your life. Letting go of "bad" makes room for "good". This keeps you in "gratitude state" vs "emotional austerity state." It doesn't mean those people you release from your inner circle are "bad". They're just not good for you! Billions of people live on our planet. Freeing yourself from "low to no" value people, frees those people to find their right match too! Choose the people in your "inner circle" wisely. Choose those who bring value and heart-soul connection into your life. Make sure you also bring value to them. This is the true me

Beauty, Peace & Spirit: The Gap

The other day I couldn't sleep, couldn't relax, no focus, slow memory. My Spirit Guides-Angels came through to remind me: "You've been on the phone & computer too much. Too much TV, news, technology & "noise". Remove hi-tech devices and access The Gap!" "The Gap is the window, the corridor, the transformational vortex through which the personal psyche communicates with the cosmic psyche," Deepak Chopra from his book "The A to Z Steps to a Richer Life" (1993). The Gap is where every authentic psychic-medium goes to retrieve messages for you. It is the space between thought and spirit. It is the invisible link to all things possible. It is where your Inner Peace lives. It is where your true es

All Dogs Are Angels

Dogs, cats, horses, pigs have one key thing in common: they can hear our thoughts and sense our feelings. Coyotes and havelinas also hear our thoughts and sense our feelings. Discovered that 10 years ago when I moved to Sedona and they approached my house. Let's talk about dogs! If you visited my Sedona Office over the years, you probably met my Border Collie "Zoe, The Black Coyote." Zoe is her name. Black Coyote is her Sedona persona. A month after we moved to Sedona, she stared down a coyote in our driveway. She hadn't seen a coyote before. Me neither! Coyote approached us. Zoe (unleashed) stood her ground without flinching, barking or growling. Standing 5 feet apart, they had a silent "st

New Moon Today - Create New Things

Planets & space objects affect us. The Moon affects us most - for eons - emotionally, mentally. Today's New Moon is magical. Here are some tips on how to use its magic effectively. While I'm not an Astrologer, knowing how the moon affects humanity is part of my professional expertise. I chose to be a professional psychic-medium because I care about humanity. I care about you: helping you stay balanced through chaos; achieve peace, happiness and accomplish your soul's "to do" list. Spending half my time in The Spirit Realm-Heaven working with clients: learned general tools & information that help us all. New Moons provide a good tool for us. New Moons are especially potent with creative ene

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