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Helping The Grieving

Some people are natural nurturers. Others are not. When it comes to grief, even the most natural nurturing people may not know the best way to react or act with someone who just lost a Loved One. Whether a person lost a Loved One who had 2 legs or 4 (pet), basic grief rules exist. Basic loving, nurturing reactions and actions exist too - to help your grieving friend, family member, neighbor or colleague. Each of us has "hero" energy inside our soul. We want to help, be someone's hero or "Rock of Gibraltar" when someone needs us. We want to make a positive difference in a person's life. Here are some tips to help you "be a hero" when someone is grieving. Tips To Help The Grieving (1) Understa

Caregivers: Four Degrees of Separation

This is Part 1 of a 4-Part Series. As The Baby Boomer Generation ages, even gracefully, health and emotional care for the aging becomes more important. Baby Boomers are the largest, most populated, generation in last 100 years. Spans birth years 1946-1964. Although some demographers use birth years 1940-1964. Helping our parents and ourselves maneuver through the tangled, complex web of the medical/senior healthcare industry, financial & legal issues, our loved ones' emotional and physical needs and our individual self needs - creates a complexity and confluence of conflicts: internal and external. I know. Lived through it twice since 2015. This 4-part Series on Caregivers is based on my per

Spirit Realm Rules: No Rules-Free Will

Recently worked with a client who wanted access to a grandfather who died 25 years ago. The grandfather was not available during the client session. Only one Spirit Guide to the grandfather was present. Grandfather already manifested into a new human body on Earth. Only time to access grandfather's soul energy or soul memory: while grandfather's new soul slept on Earth. The client was shocked, bewildered and disappointed. Somehow, the client's expectations exceeded reality. The only questions that the client brought: questions for the grandfather. This client's experience reminded me of one key element when wanting access to Lost Loved Ones through a psychic, medium or "channel": there are n

Grief's Fear Factor

Getting out in nature is good for your soul, mind and body. It's one of the pleasures I enjoy in Sedona last 10 years: hiking daily on different red dirt trails. "Zoe The Black Coyote" was my loyal hiking partner and "wild animal guide" since we first arrived in Sedona March 2009. Now I hike without her. And it's not the same. The joyful feeling of new adventures and freedom gone, like a balloon popped and its air released; never to be filled again. Grief does that. No matter who you lose, no matter how you lose them - when you love someone and they leave (by death, divorce, physical separation), it feels like one of your life balloons popped and you cannot refill it again. Especially if yo


Integrity defined by Webster's: "adherence to a code of values." What do you value? What are your code of values? Honesty, compassion, being civil, understanding, knowing right from wrong? These are just a few values you could have. Many exist. Some folks don't adhere to the values they set for themselves. This separates them from their soul and decreases their "aura" energy frequency. Practicing integrity in our daily lives - aligning our actions with what we value - raises our frequency and keeps us connected to our soul energy easier. Integrity helps us access our Intuition easier too. Since like attracts like, when we act based on our values, we attract & manifest more of what we value.


We love nature and art because they're honest and real. We love our dogs, cats, horses, other pets because they're honest and true. We enjoy hearing from our Angels and Lost Loved Ones because they're honest and true. We admire people who speak their mind or live a simple, honest life. Honesty is important to us! If you had a psychic session with me, you're aware how honest your Angels, Spirit Guides and Lost Loved Ones are. Sometimes they gently give you information; sometimes their information is more direct. They know who you are. They know your soul. You know they have your best interests at heart; they want to help you. Most clients can physically feel the love from their Spirit Guides

My Beliefs

After a phone session this week, the client asked me "what do you believe? What are your beliefs about parallel universes, multi-verses, God, religion, spirituality, why we're on this planet, different dimensions, quantum physics, etc.? How do you communicate with these entities, Angels, Spirit Guides, Loved Ones and our soul information? Is it all real? Or not?" Well. That's quite a list! And excellent questions. You may wonder the same. When I channel for clients, I place my beliefs, personality, emotions and thoughts on a shelf before the session begins. Whether the client is in my physical office or on the phone in Brazil or Australia - I practice complete detachment. People hire me to c

Zoe The Black Coyote (2004-2019)

Many of you have met my border collie Zoe. She greeted clients at my Sedona office, sat near them or at their feet during Reiki or Psychic Sessions, then walked them out to their cars. She partnered with me during client Vortex Tours, hopping in the car or jeep, happily introducing tourists to the beauty of Sedona. She was a "rescue" border collie. Came into my life at 4 months old, after a Rescue Organization saved her from being euthanized 2 days prior. She's been my "familiar" and I was hers - 24/7 - for 14-1/2 years. We communicated well together - telepathically and through hand and voice commands. She knew every corner and crevass of Sedona's many Red Rock trails. Red dirt flowed throu

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