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Fear: Your Biggest Threat

So the entire nation appears to be in "lockdown" mode. The motor of the world has stopped - temporarily. Due to an invisible threat: the c-virus. What does my intuition and Angels say? "The fear is bigger than the threat." How often do I get that message? Every day, almost every hour - since c-virus became a household name. Since January or February. Fear is contagious. And deadly. More deadly than this virus. Do you remember the last time you were truly afraid? When you felt you might die or get severely injured? This photo, taken in Hawaii 2011, was one of those moments for me. Zip-lining 1200 feet above earth. I trembled and turned around when the zip-lift rushed toward me. My friend said

Coronavirus - Covid 19

Fear is more contagious than any virus. Just take personal responsibility. And laugh!


Life is not meant to be filled with constant lessons. Mix good with bad. Breathe!

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