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Erasing History - Heart & Soul

Removing Statues. Rewriting History. Replacing negative history of humanity with narratives that fit today's cultural fads.

According to The Spirit Realm, these acts do not strengthen unity nor strengthen an individual's soul, moral or emotional growth.

Channeled information from High-Level Angelic Beings: "Removing humanity's sordid past removes the enlightenment, balance & strength that surfaced after negative events. Removing the past removes humanity's sense of survival and strength to overcome obstacles. Removing the past removes pieces of individuals' and society's soul memory. These acts remove pieces of humanity's collective soul. Removing history makes an individual & a society doomed to repeat them.

Only by recognizing & acknowledging your weaknesses, can you change those weaknesses into strengths and gain the enlightenment and soul-fulfillment accomplished by the changes you create.

Avoiding weakness does a soul no good - for an individual or collective society. Your soul will always remember the weakness. Your soul wants to turn weakness into strength. Basic physics - improving your life. Facing weaknesses and fears, then plowing through them, overcoming them, creates fulfillment and soul accomplishment. Without facing painful history, you cannot overcome it. You cannot reach full soul-fulfillment and peace.

For full Soul Enlightenment, history must be remembered. Not removed. Fads come and go. Your cell memory is attached to your soul memory. Removing memory & past, removes part of your soul; your emotional & Spiritual DNA. You cannot know where you're going until you know where you've been." - The Spirit Realm-Heaven-God-Angels.

Removing and rewriting history. Do you have a family member with a sordid history? I do. And I loved hearing their stories. Glad they didn't hide or "blank out" their memories. My great-grandmother and Great Aunt bootlegged bathtub gin & beer in Galveston during Prohibition. Back then, they would've been arrested. Hearing their funny stories of hiding from authorities, making gin & beer at night while their babies were sleeping. Men arriving at their back door to transfer liquor for cash. Great stories! These are the same women whom I inherited my "gift" of channeling Lost Loved Ones, Angels, future events & ESP. They both "moonlighted" as psychic channels in old Galveston. If my great-grandmother (Mabel Amanda) and Great Aunt Falba had been arrested, I would not be alive today, sharing my spiritual gifts with clients.

Every one has a history: good and bad. Every society has a history: good and bad. While removing statues of Robert E. Lee, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, George Washington - you remove parts of America's past that showed great resiliency of spirit. You remove human frailty. You remove an individual's other contributions to society that override the bad. You remove this human truth: no matter your weaknesses or strengths, you can change the world in positive ways. You can change from within & create a magnificent legacy with hard work, determination.

If we removed all the history about Germany's Nazi movement, we would remove all the preceding events that occurred before Hitler took power. We would remove what created that horrible society. If we removed Mussolini's past - we'd remove the precursors to his rise. We would erase our human instincts to spiritually, emotionally evolve and create a better society from a horrible one.

Removing bad parts of history throws out humanity's good side too. The side of humanity that wants to "right" the "wrongs". And we always "right" wrongs, especially in USA. The United States of America was one of the first countries to abolish slavery. Robert E. Lee was part of that solution. Writings from Thomas Jefferson and George Washington helped US government and President Lincoln abolish slavery - giving rights to ALL legal citizens, no matter their skin color. So. Before removing pieces of our sordid past, we must remember and understand: removal of bad also removes the good. You cannot have one without the other. Dichotomy of good-bad will always exist as long as humans occupy Earth. Whitewashing the truth will not eliminate that truth. Our cell memories and soul memories always remember. Even if our minds do not.

When our soul remembers what our mind cannot remember, inner conflict begins - emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Our truths do not connect on all levels. Inner conflict, when not controlled or managed, leads to societal conflicts and chaos.

No one wants chaos, riots or societal conflicts. As humans, we want unity. Even if unity exists from bad & good of our predecessors' past. It's our past. Not our present. Look at the good resulting from bad and focus on the good. Good things created from bad is the epitome of soul fulfillment and resiliency of Human Spirit & Enlightenment.

--Sedona Spirit Psychic, Robin Amanda

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