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Angels in the Outfield

Your Spirit Guides, Angels and Lost Loved Ones make up your "Angel Team" or "Spirit Team." Their reason for existing: to help you live a happy, peaceful, accomplished life - as often as possible.

Low points in our lives happen. Whether the cause is grieving someone we love; work or money challenges; relationship challenges; obstacles that keep piling up; or our spirit and soul light loses its energy.

When low points occur in our lives, that's when our "Angel Team" wants to help! That's when they want to shine. That's their specific expertise: helping you.

Your Angel Team is chosen by you, them and delegated by God. Especially your Spirit Guides and true Angels with wings - who have been with you since birth.

Your Lost Loved Ones are also chosen by you, your Loved Ones and God. On a soul level, you and your Loved Ones made a pact to help each other thrive, love, live, accomplish goals and bring you peace.

If those Loved Ones were difficult while they were alive, or you didn't get along with them, their traits helped you realize "you" and helped you overcome and become the strong "white light" spirit you are now. They helped mold who you are today. As souls walking this Earth in physical bodies, it's normal to feel overwhelmed, in despair, beaten down, sad, depressed. Earth has tons of stimuli to catch us off-balance. Lots of fly balls. Lots of curve balls. Lots of challenges and worthy opponents. Those experiences can dampen or dull our Inner Light.

When we regain our composure and balance, our Inner Light shines again. Ask your Angel Team or God to help you when you feel despair, depressed, unmotivated, uninspired. No matter why you feel those things.

There's an illusion that we must be happy 100% time in life. That's a false concept. You can be truly you, with an abundant faith in God, The Spirit Realm, Angels or whatever you believe - and still fall prey to negative emotions that cripple your progress or shut down your Inner Light. We cannot be 100% happy 100% of the time in life. No matter how wonderful our life appears on the outside; we might feel doubtful or depressed on the inside. That's completely normal.

Our Earth life wasn't meant to be 100% positive. Challenges help us grow. But! We don't need to create challenges to grow. That's called self-sabotage and a complete waste of your wonderful, pure, soul energy. Earth life will throw us curve balls; we don't have to self-create them.

When curve balls come across your "plate" of life, use tried and true methods to hit them squarely down the middle past second base. What are those methods? Ask for help from your Spirit Team, God and talk to friends.

Your Spirit Team and God are your "Angels in the Outfield". If a batter hits a fly ball in your direction and you can't respond fast enough, you're afraid it will hit your face, afraid you'll lose the game - ask your Spirit Team for help. They can move fast!

If a pitcher throws you a curve ball, practice composure, peace and balance. Ask for help from your Spirit Team. They will bring you the balance, composure, confidence to try again or hit that ball clear across right field and over the fence. That's their job!

Unlike professional baseball players, your Spirit Team does not need fanfare nor a million-dollar contract nor practice. They've already practiced and know you enough to help you when you ask for it! You chose them. They chose you.

Together - you and Your Spirit Team - fit perfectly as a franchise. Main goal: helping you succeed, helping you stay balanced through chaos, helping you win your game of life.

Praying to God for help, asking your Spirit Team for help, talking with friends, family members or spiritual professionals like priests or rabbis - whenever you feel down - are the best practices and methods to help you regain footing, hit that curve ball out of the park, or catch that fly ball that wins the game.

In today's society, we don't always feel comfortable talking with others about our self-doubt, sadness, depression or angst. The Spirit Realm and God believe we should! The more we express out our "inner demons" or doubts, the quicker we release them and move forward. However....if we can't talk to people about our "darkest hours", our Spirit Team and God are always there to listen and help us.

Life is a team sport. Use your team.

You're uniquely equipped with the best team members to help you thrive and balance: Your Spirit Team and God. Ask them for help. That's why they exist.

You cannot walk this Earth alone. In most cases, they will help you within minutes or hours. As souls in physical bodies, we're not omnipotent. Experiencing human frailty is part of our journey. Ask for help; pray; have faith and know you're not alone. You're never alone.

Namaste -

The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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