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Finding Balance in Imbalanced World

Feeling off-balance lately? Sense the world getting crazier? Notice people becoming more impatient, irritable or volatile - even off social media? Do you notice that you're losing patience and more irritable too? Seeking inner peace and relaxation, more often than usual?

If any of those apply, this blog is for you.

First. You're not alone. Majority of Americans - and global western societies - feel more squeezed by everyday pressures of life now. Covid restrictions changed us. Our souls knew it then. Our souls definitely know it now. Squeezing our heart-souls, pocketbooks, patience and peace. It's rare to NOT feel overly pressured or off-balance. How can you rise above it?

Six solid answers. Channeled from High-Level Angels. The ones I communicate with daily.

(1) Use your soul's determination. Your soul is stronger than your mind and heart. Use it.

(2) Eat healthy. No processed foods.

(3) Exercise. Daily or 5x/week. Moving your body removes stress.

(4) Separate from electronics at least once a day. Crucial. Your phone, laptop, etc.

(5) Breathe. Your brain needs more oxygen when stressed.

(6) Strengthen your spirituality. Whether Christianity, Judaism or what you normally practice.

Let's take these in reverse.

(6) Strengthen your Spirituality. Spend at least 15 minutes per day on this.

What's your spiritual base? What are your beliefs that connect you to a Supreme Source? Christianity, New Age, Judaism, Tao, Buddhism? It can be one set of beliefs or a combination. Whatever your beliefs, if they're tried and true, focus on them. Count on them. Use them. Through prayer, meditation or your preferred method of communicating. Your spirituality is a muscle that must be exercised regularly - daily. Your spirituality is your belief in something greater than you. Not the government. A benevolent, merciful, loving, nurturing Supreme Source.

For instance, I was raised Catholic. Old-school Latin Catholic. Not the current Catholicism. I still practice Catholicism while blending what I know about the Spirit Realm-Heaven-God. The priest who baptized me and my brother and sister (1960s) became a Monsignor later. Before opening my psychic practice, I asked him if it was OK. His answer: "Yes. As long as you sense the source is good, clear, clean, good. As God is good." He knew me and my family history even before I was born. He officiated the funerals of my brother and sister in 1988. He spoke of the original Catholicism: mystics often used and accepted. Old school Catholicism. Meditation: part of old school Catholicism too. I blend it all. The Book of Enoch: learned that at 10-years-old, during Catechism. That's how old-school our priest was. My spirituality: A blend of old-school Catholicism with spiritual gifts. You can do the same. No need to corner yourself into one set of beliefs, if your soul is built to blend.

(5) Breathe. Sounds simple. Reduces heart-stress. Reduces brain stress. Reduces body stress. Crucial.

We often forget to breathe deeply during the day. Sometimes I do this around people who know me. They think it's a "sigh" or bizarre reaction to something they said. No. Our body, brain and soul need oxygen. If you can practice Conscious Breathing, some youtube videos available, it will reduce your stress level during this chaotic time.

(4) Separate from electronics at least once a day. Another simple trick.

Program on your phone or calendar at least 2 hours away from your cell phone, internet, computer. If you have Alexa or other "electronic" device in your home - turn it off. For at least 2 hours each day. Step away from their EMFs. If you can remove all electronics from your bedroom, including TV cable and wifi, that will ground you even more. And help you sleep at night. No Apple-watch, cellphone, TVs, phones, cable boxes, Alexa, etc. in your bedroom. At very least, sit somewhere far from these devices at least 2 hours per day. They create stress on your body and mind.

(3) Exercise Daily or 5x/week. For 30 minutes or 2 hours. Our bodies built to help us relieve stress.

If you're too stationary during day, even more important to move your body around. Our bodies are meant to move. Sedentary lifestyles create more stress. On your soul, heart, body, mind. Use your body to "exorcise" out the stresses. It's what your body was built to do. It's why you have a physical body: stress reliever when your soul or heart needs to express yet you can't. Use your body. It exhales stress, naturally.

(2) Eat Healthy. No processed foods. No fast foods. Eat like your grandmother. Real food.

Splurge on potato chips or chocolate cake occasionally. That's perfectly fine. Strive to eat real whole foods. Real meat, chicken or fish; real veggies (not soy-based) especially root veggies like beets, potatoes, carrots. Root vegetables "ground" us. Eat eggs, preferably from a local farm. Careful with fruit. Berries are best. Certain vegetables have amino acids and oils in them - that your body needs. They supply "good fat". Avocados are one of those.

For more information on excellent nutrition, pick up Dr. Mark Hyman's book "Young Forever." He explains what the Angels have told my clients last 20+ years: Use food versus pharmaceutical drugs. Food nourishes your body and eliminates chronic disease, including cancers. I'm a 2-time breast cancer survivor. Eliminated cancer by diet - not chemo or radiation. Food is our medicine. I'm living proof.

(1) Use your Soul Determination. This is the #1 way to rise above stresses in today's world.

A recent study revealed that majority of Americans aged 5-40 are unaware of their soul energy. Unaware how to tap into it. Completely disconnected from it. That is very sad. It is your #1 muscle to use during hard times and stress. That's probably why psychic-medium-channels like me exist on Earth at this time. To help you connect with your Soul. To help you hear your Soul Voice (intuition). And understand all the facets and wisdom your Soul contains.

When we're nervous or anxious, tapping into our Soul energy can feel self-defeating. Toughest thing to do; yet best thing to do. Your soul wisdom, rhythm, energy field can help you out of any Earth jam. If you let it. Your Angels and Spirit Guides exist to help you connect with your Soul. They exist to help you connect with your Supreme Source too. If you believe those two concepts are separated. Some people believe their Soul and Supreme Source are the same. Most people believe their soul is connected to a Supreme Source. Whatever your beliefs about your Soul, one trait rings true: Your Soul is tougher than diamonds. Your Soul can handle any challenge you face. Whether it's physical, financial, relationships, outside or inner forces. It knows what is best for you during this lifetime on Earth you walk.

Some "mystics" believe your Soul is super-sensitive. It is. It is sensitive to energies around you. It senses your next step. It senses others' next steps around you. It doesn't get offended; it's not "that" kind of sensitive. Some mystics believe your Soul contains all the records of your incarnations and soul-birth. It does. Some mystics believe your Soul "past" can help you in this Earth "present" you live. It can. As long as you don't get extremely attached to your Soul past, and forget to live in "now" on Earth.

Some people get caught up in their past-lives to such an extreme, they feel every step they take in "the now" (your "present") brings resolution to previous lives' mistakes. Please don't do that. You'll feel more off-balanced: straddling past lifetimes with this one. Your subconscious and super-conscious gets confused, exhausted. Which doesn't help you in this lifetime; you get exhausted and weary. Earth life is headed toward very chaotic times. More than Covid chaos. Live in today's moment. Take care of your present life. Your Soul will resolve what it needs to. Stay in the present. Not the past. Treat your Earth life like a job. Pay attention.

Your Soul Determination surfaces when you live in the "now." What is Soul Determination? If you played competitive sports, you know what sheer determination, motivation, sharp focus and inner drive feel like. Same qualities exist with your Soul Determination.

Whether you play tennis, racquetball, pickleball, football, softball or whatever team-single competitive sport. You play to succeed and win. You're sharply focused. Your mind fixates on winning, hitting the ball with the best of your ability. Proving to you, your team or opposing team, that you can do it. Competitive sports is the best analogy. While you play to win or beat an opponent, truth is: you're really playing to "best" how you played yesterday. Competitors exist to challenge you, improve your game. Same with your Soul Determination. You use your Soul Determination when you play competitive sports. Some people use their Soul Determination when they play cards or boardgames with others. It's all the same energy. It's all the same.

Use your Soul Determination to "best" and overcome today's stresses. It can even change history or the trajectory of your life or today's society. Your Soul Determination is that powerful! How do you access it? Easy. When you wake up each morning, ask your Soul "Please turn on my Soul Determination today." You don't need a reason why. You don't need to repeat that mantra three times. You don't need juju beads to make it happen. Your Soul is always listening. Say it aloud or silently. Your first thought when waking up. Believe it hears you. Let it do the work.

Your Soul Determination does not give up. It does not play victim. It plays victorious. Your soul wants positivity and practice. It is your strongest muscle. Practice using it often. "Please turn on my Soul Determination today." When you face a challenge or question something about society, ask your Soul "please remedy that" or "please change that". Simple.

There's so much about our Earth experience and the role our Souls play in it - that most people don't know. Your Soul is much more powerful than you realize. Over the last millenia, goverments and religions have worked hard to "squeeze" your soul into a tiny box. Your Soul can't live in a tiny box. Your Soul is huge, powerful, a manifesting machine. No matter what other leaders or mystics say. Your Soul has all the answers, wisdom and workarounds to make this Earth life you walk - the most powerful experience you've encountered as a Soul. Your Soul seeks constant improvement. Your Soul is not a computer; garbage in-garbage out. No. It is a powerful, positive force that lives inside you, showing you how to overcome anything. Whether it's Earth duality, Earth climate or whatever the challenge - Your Soul knows. Let it take the reins. Let God take the reins too.

The easiest, best, most effective way to stay balanced in this Imbalanced World: Have Faith in Your Soul and God. Make that Faith stronger than your faith in your best friend. Exercise your spirituality. You're a spiritual soul on physical Earth. Push your Soul and your Life to the limit.

Sending you Peace and Soul Determination!

--Robin Amanda

Your Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium

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