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Talking to Your Loved Ones

A close friend lost her best friend this week. It was unexpected. Less than 2 hours after her death, I visited my friend and we talked about her 35-year friendship with Diana. As we talked, I sensed Diana around us. The more we talked about Diana, the stronger I felt her presence.

Amazing how quickly Diana's soul traveled to us after her death. She transitioned fast. She could communicate and hover over her loved ones, including her surviving spouse, fast. And almost simultaneously. Visiting us, her husband and other people at lightning speed - faster than the speed of thought. The experience prompted today's Blog.

Most souls leaving this planet transition quicker than we realize. Transitioning from Earthbound bodies to our natural ethereal soul state. Staying open to that, realizing that, helps you sense them faster.

Losing someone we love simply sucks. However! It also brings surprising, amazing soul connection moments. Magical moments when you sense, hear, see or feel your Loved One's presence. The unexplained becomes real. You feel it. You touch the Spirit Realm. Sometimes for the first time. If you're paying attention to the signs. During your grief, allow part of your human consciousness to open up to spiritual consciousness.

While grieving, if you allow yourself permission to "float in the ethers", you'll sense your Loved One. Very easily. One of grief's gifts: connecting you to the Spirit Realm in the strongest possible way. Proving that your soul is real; your connection with your Loved One is real; your spiritual experiences are real. The metaphysical is as real as the physical. If you stay open, you'll learn that fast. And it feels good. It feels right.

Talking to the Departed (I don't like using term Lost Loved One because they're not lost!) is one of my specialties. You have the same skills. We all do. Sometimes we forget. In grief, we may question what we sense or feel; dismissing a Loved One's visit. Grief can create self-doubt. That's when clients contact me - to help them know "is this real or my imagination?" More than 80% of the time, it is real.

It's OK to feel happy when your Loved One visits. It's OK to feel sad, cry, yell at them, or whatever you're feeling at the time of their visit. Whatever you feel when you sense them - it's all OK! The stronger we love someone, the stronger we feel after they're gone. No matter what those feelings are. Don't worry about your emotional state interfering with their soul state. You won't.

The first time I sensed a "Departed" was in 1972. I was 6 years old. My great-grandmother Amanda Bodine died. I carry her namesake and her psychic-medium and energy healing gifts.

At six, I thought other people saw my Granny as she stood or sat next to people at her house - after her funeral service. I thought everyone saw her walk around, smiling and touching people, wearing her favorite party dress. I was wrong.

That day changed my life. My Great Aunt Falba saw that I saw Granny. She grabbed my hand, led me into the bathroom and shut the door. She said: "You see her, don't you? I see her too. She's having a ball, isn't she? Don't tell your mother what you see. Talk to me. And only me. Your mom wants to be normal." That was the beginning of my psychic gifts training - with my Aunt Falba. For the next 10 years, she helped me hone my gifts. Teaching me how to turn them on and off, especially in public places and at school. Training me how to act and behave "normal" while sensing the ethereal world. How to guard my energies. And other Psychic Medium etiquette.

A few years later (1978), my grandmother (Amanda's daughter) died. After she transitioned, Grandma opened and closed the hutch drawers in our living room - when I was the only person in the room. She also dropped pennies or dimes on my bedroom dresser at night. How did I know it was her? Her birth year was imprinted on them. Each night, I checked my dresser: no coins. When I woke up - coins.

After a while, I shared Grandma's presence with my parents and siblings Mark and Kara. They were intrigued but highly skeptical. Then they saw it too: Grandma opening/closing the drawers of our living room hutch. From that day on, whenever we sat in the living room visiting, we asked "Grandma, are you here?" Sometimes she was. Sometimes she wasn't.

In 1988, after the murders of my brother and sister, they immediately started talking or sending signs. My brother talked to me while I drove to the hospital to see him! Before he died (3 bullets destroyed his brain). My sister Kara visited us that night. That was over 33 years ago. Since then, I help people listen and talk with their Loved Ones.

It's been 50 years since my first "psychic-medium" experience. Had thousands of experiences since: personal and professional.

I want to help you talk to, visit with, or recognize the presence your Loved One. Passing my 50-year knowledge to you! Here are some tips.

When you talk about them, especially the first year after their death, they hear you. If you mention their name in anger, they don't get mad. You won't upset them. We don't feel mad once we transition. We feel only love.

If you want them to visit you, ask them for a sign and be specific. Specifics: what, when, how. What sign do you want? When do you want them to visit? How or why do you need their visit? They will give you a sign they are "there". Or their Spirit Guides will. If they're available, your Loved One will visit you.

Mark, Kara and I played this game daily for 10 years after their deaths. "Can we hang out tonight at 8p? Ring a bell to show me you're here." At 8p, a bell would ring. From out of nowhere. Either a TV show bell, TV ad ringing a bell, radio bell, oven or microwave ding, windchime ringing, ice cream truck bell ringing, or a child's bicycle bell ringing as he/she rode past my house. Wherever I lived. When I asked for a bell, I'd hear one. And Mark and Kara showed up. I sensed them.

Sometimes I asked for a different sign - songs on the radio, a keyword phrase, a physical object. To test my abilities and theirs. It never failed. Whatever sign I asked for - they brought it. Try it! It works!

Signs, senses, smells are great games to play with your Loved One. So are electric things: lights, phones, electronics. If you're having a plumbing issue in your house, that's a ghost or poltergeist, not your Loved One. Pay attention to physical signs too. Signs you don't ask for. Like their pictures falling, loud noises coming from nowhere, or hearing your name called when no one is around. Name-calling: either your Loved One or your Spirit Guides-Angels.

Pennies from Heaven. Coins or money are great signs. To really know it's YOUR loved one, specifically ask them to send dimes or nickels. I play this game with my Spirit Guides. I ask them for quarters as a sign that my finances will be good.

Your Loved One or Spirit Guide will bring you any "sign" you want. Want a $10 bill instead? Ask for it. In the Spirit Realm, money doesn't matter. Dropping a $10 bill is just as easy as dropping a penny, dime, nickel, quarter near you.

Only ask for signs you believe in or know you can see. Asking for world peace is not a good "sign". Chances are, your Loved One isn't in charge of global peace. Asking for the winning Lottery ticket? Or that the Bengals win the Super Bowl? Same answer. Only a 1% chance that your Loved One works with gambling or games-of-chance energies. How do I know? My dad tried it with Mark and Kara for a few years. He asked them for gambling help about 20 times. Never happened. He asked me why. Mark and Kara told us "that's not our specialty. That's not why we're around you. We're NOT GOD!" Mom, Dad and I laughed about that for the next 10 years. Our Loved Ones are not God nor Gambling Gods. If anyone helps you with gambling, it's your Spirit Guides or "Grief Guides-Angels." Grief Angels fly in to assist us and sometimes surprise us with gambling winnings. Our Loved Ones don't.

It's OK if you sense your Loved One and the person sitting next to you does not. Some etiquette. Mention it "I feel Sandy around," for instance. If the person you're with knows Sandy, and doesn't sense Sandy, just let it be and change the subject. Sandy is there for you - and only you. Your Loved One can be "visible" only to you and no one else. Even if other people are in the same room. Take that as a special sign. "I'm only here for you."

Overall, know this. Your Loved One(s) visits you! If you feel they don't, follow some of this guidance. Test your skills. They love communicating with you. Playing games is also fun for them. They love bringing the spiritual realm to you.

Sometime this month, I'll announce an online-phone class: "Talking To Your Loved Ones." Attendees can share their stories, get confirmation, and hear other people's stories. Meanwhile, enjoy your spiritual time with your Loved Ones!

-- Robin Amanda, The Sedona Spirit Psychic

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